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Author:  Lord Sandwich [ Sun Jul 22, 2007 9:28 am ]
Post subject:  Southlands

Ahh, yes my little green friends. Is it worth using this army, though?

Author:  Falchion [ Mon Jul 23, 2007 4:21 am ]
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Oh yeh. Southlands rok. Nd they r not GREEN!!!! Thats an outrage. lol. According to background in the Z-men book, southlands skinks are orangeor yellow. Even normal skinks are blue so yeh...deffo not green.

Southlands armies are awesome. Skinks are imo one of the hardest things in the game. Skirmishers, 6" movement, rapid firing funky ass blow pipes. Wot more could u want? My skinks in my lizarmen army have claimed countless units of chaos chosen etc just by running behind em when they break. :P

Also skink skirmishers rip gunline armies to shreds cos u just scout to the flanks or behind, move a bit closer nd start the poisoning!!! This is especially lethal to empire gunlines as the troops tend to wear very little armour and panic at the first signs of the enemy.

Author:  Lord Sandwich [ Sat Aug 04, 2007 6:40 pm ]
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greenish blueish orangish purple

youd understand if you saw my models

Author:  talking_fish [ Sun Dec 23, 2007 8:26 am ]
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Just joined up, mainly because I saw this post, and thought I had to support the southlands cause :D .

Southlands is, imo, better than the normal lizard men army. First, skink priests can take practically ANY spawning rather than just one, hopefully you noticed that. So lots of Tepoks then :twisted:, though the mage is lower in power :(

You don't get any saurus's, but skinks with bows is nicer. A southlands bonus's is in it's mobility and poisons. Not having to roll to wound is VERY useful.

The other special units are OK, some are a bit pointless. Plus having an army that can (nearly) completely ignore water hazards is fun. I can't remember if you can start the game hiding in water features or not.

I've always painted my army Blue or Purple (mainly Purple). Bet you can't guess why :P


Author:  shiek [ Sun Mar 23, 2008 5:06 pm ]
Post subject: 

last game of ffantasy i played that involved lizardmen, the skinks started in a river.

Author:  metamantis [ Mon Mar 16, 2009 1:23 pm ]
Post subject:  I was acused of cheese

I played southlands for 2 years.

I had played played 5th edition lizardmen so I had the skinks with short bows, horned ones and I even built up a unit of cohorts.

I tended to use chameleon skinks and salamaders. I frankly stopped playing with the concern they would not be supported in the next army book release and I'd have to purchase practically a full new army.

Every time I went to a tournament I was getting marked down for my skinks with bows being green. It was like EXCUSE ME GW made the weird choice to impose a skin tone on my army and not green, but blue making all my models incorrectly painted. You should grandfather the 5th edition models for color scheme thankfully I was crazy in my early days and painted my saurus black with blue scales two colors not covered by the marks system.

The key to this army is get in there target and rip apart anything you can with poison. before they attack back. Use kroxigors for close combat. Skink cohorts are way to expensive for their use.

The stegadons are the same deal.

When I would win it would be because I properly maneuvered my skirmishers and used the mark of Tepok to neutralize the threat of magic.

I was called cheesy and beardy for playing this strategy and having 12 dispell dice, but just as many times as I won I got routed shortly after my hail of darts and arrows. With mounted units running rough shod over my army. It didn't help that I never saw water terrain and mainly played on tables with 2 stands of trees.

What really irritates opponents is their meat cleaver unit getting stuck with swarms or the fact that almost my entire army is scouting so it gets to set up once they are done.

I find little use for teradons under the current rules.

salamanders are wicked (at least when there was no armor save auto hit move and shoot warmachine not sure what it is now)

Horned ones as fast cavalry they cannot negate rank bonus. I fielded them for flavor and because I had nicely painted models.

I guess this is why I got out of warhammer.

I spent over $2K in an army get it painted and am told it's the wrong color and and i need to spend another few hundred and hours putting it in order for a new edition of the rules.

It's cheaper to COLLECT motorcycles garden, play chess or many other things.

The big problem is reach. You can't play humongous battles 3000 plus when you have a 2 Foot reach you start have to stretch a long table and run out of space for horde armies making them prisoner to filling their starting zone.
I was looking forward to a warhammer fantasy online strategy game where we could control armies over larger areas like we do on the table top. Too bad they canned that project in favor of 40k and fantasy clones of FPS's and WOW.

If you want to see your opponents claim you're not playing within the spirit of the rule and are just trying to win at all cost while winning at most 50% of your games, then go ahead. Play Southlands.

Otherwise if you are looking for flexibility and a variety of play as well as fielding fluffy lists try a different army.

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