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What character would you make in a 40K RPG?

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 27, 2006 3:19 am 
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I think most of the best role-playing potential in 40K is Inquisition related.
A slight issue I have though, is that I think it would be best and fairest in an Inquisition role-play, if every player in a group played as an Inquisitor. Rather than one person being an Inquisitor and everyone else being their subservient sidekicks, or the games master controlling the Inquisitor, while the subservient players are lead about.
But there isn't any real precedent for groups of several Inquisitors banding together to deal with problems. It's always just one Inquisitor +/- apprentice and/or retinue.
You may have more than one Inquisitor dealing with a particular problem, but they go their own separate ways about it. It's rare that you ever see 2 or more Inquisitors walking down a tunnel side-by-side, looking for things to shoot/stab.
Having all players in a role-play use their Inquisitor, each accompanied by their own retinue of half a dozen other characters, would get pretty cumbersome. It would be damn hard to keep track of several player characters, each accompanied by several NPC followers, while in a confrontation, the games master would have to come up with and keep track of a veritable horde of 'bad guys' to pose a threat to such a gathering of PCs and NPCs.

I like to think of Inquisitors as more like the Jedi of 40K, often with their unlimited authority making up for a lack of crazy force powers.

I'm sure you could run very successful role-plays in the 40K universe with relatively weak player characters, who wouldn't stand much of a chance when not operating as a team, but that misses out on a lot of the potential and most popular/appealing apects of the setting.

This is my Inquisitor character (as in, he is a character I put together, for a role-playing game, and he is an Inquisitor, not as in, he is a character I put together for use in the game Inquisitor), currently the subject of a short story I am writing:

Name: Bolivar Litek
AKA: -
Gender: Male
Nationality: Elysia, Nive Sevater, Schola Progenium
Rank/Position: Master Inquisitor
Affiliation: Imperial Inquisition Ordo Hereticus
Birth Date: M42.028.8.22 (30)
Height: 2.01m
Weight: 118kg
Hair Colour: Dark Brown
Eye Colour: Light Brown
Complexion: Pale
M CC RC S T WP I N Cost Total
22 10 10 7 7 20 11 11
8.5 9 18 14 14 12 14 10 99.5
Special: Intelligence 10, Knowledge 10, Alertness 10, +36.
Storm Trooper 1, +10
Ambidexterity 2, +30
Unarmed Fighting, +5 points
Close Quarters Battle Training 2, +10 points
Quiet Movement 1, +6
Quick Draw, +7
+68 points
Force Sword 15/E2, Arbite Shotgun 15/E5/6, 4x re-loads 16/E2.25, IR Laser Sight 8/E0, Mono-Knife 7/E.5, 2x Frag Grenades 4/E.5, 2x Promethium Grenades 4/E1.
Photo-Contacts 8/E0, IR Illuminator 2/E0, Comm Bead 4/E0, Rebreather 6/E0.
Lightweight Carapace Armour, 88 points: Armour 10, Encumberment 4/8.
Force Level 16/Psyker Level 3 +80 points
Telepathy +48
Telekinesis +48
Biokinesis +48
604.5/E16.25, total weight 142.25kg
605 points maximum

Warhammer 40,000 5th edition
The least worst rules for 40K.

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PostPosted: Sat May 15, 2010 10:03 am 
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I would love to play an Eldar Harlequin.

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PostPosted: Tue Dec 14, 2010 5:51 pm 

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Something that annoys the heck out of me about the 40K world is the tech mysticism that is so in play. I see some of the tech they have and my OOC mind is going - "Wow! I could totally kick ass with some inventive modifications of that Tech!"

So, I've dreamed of doing a "lost world" person who is from a planet that lost contact with the Imperium and actually started thinking for themselves and innovating with the tech they had.

Let's apply genetic tech without the mind-warping and we can have everyone on the planet be a non-psychotic Space Marine capable of being contributing members of society AND capable of fighting.

Forget using humans to aim and fire all the guns on a ship or tank - have a computer track and aim like the US army has tanks do. Nail the coming buggers from miles away with pinpoint accuracy.

Build a few hundred Predator drones and blow the (&#$@!) out of the incoming Demons from twenty miles away with missiles that launch from way beyond vision range of even Demons.

Basically, I love the Tau. So, make me a Tau character, only human.

Quaos Hounds!

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 15, 2010 8:22 pm 
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We did have a previous thread in which we discussed whether the Adeptus Mechanicus were really superstitious incompetents or forward-thinking innovators.

Dark Heresy does have a few alternatives to playing the stereotypical standard Techpriest. Both of these examples are from the Inquisitor's handbook:

1) There is far too much technology in the Imperium for real TechPriests to maintain it all. Reclaimators (career path) are lay people who understand technology and deal with routine maintenance, manage servitors and generally get things done without the religious trappings of the Adeptus Mechanicus.

2) One of the TechPriest backgrounds is called "Malygrisian Tech Heresy" and it means that your TechPriest character has delved into forbidden knowledge that the Adeptus Mechanicus considers heretical. So, just because your character may be a real TechPriest doesn't mean he can't "think outside the box", even at the risk of being hunted down by his own peers.

Whenever anyone I know suggests a game of Dark Heresy, the job of TechPriest is always snapped up immediately, so I think Reclaimator is a great way to play a tech-savvy character without being a priest of the Machine God.

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