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The Adventures of Darius Fontane III, Witch Hunter

 Post subject: The Adventures of Darius Fontane III, Witch Hunter
PostPosted: Thu Jan 25, 2007 3:26 pm 
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I have been umming and ahhing over whether to post this, it did the rounds on the Warhammer Quest Museum forums before they disappeared but Quest doesn't really tend to crop up much on the Fringe and the WFB section only gets about one post a month so I didn't know how many would be interested. Anyway I have decided to bite the bullet and let you into the world of Darius Fontane III, Witch Hunter, whose monologues are based more or less exactly on the games of Quest I have with my family. Let me know what you think and if anybody likes it I can put Chapters 2 and 3 up.



Finally I have been sent forth, complete in my preliminary training, to carry out the Guild’s orders, to destroy evil in all its forms….to avenge my parents. My master believes I will have a bright future as a Witch Hunter, but I believe a bright future cannot be built on a past as dark as mine. Its strange…being outside again, with all these people, strangers, they used to make me feel claustrophobic but the fear is gone now, replaced by suspicion. One in five of these milling city folk will be a closet necromancer/daemon worshipper/sorcerer/cultist/HERETIC, they will all burn. They would be burning now if the council was free of corruption, my master widened my eyes to the treachery that consumes The Empire. But as my enemies are subtle so will I be, cut off the head and the snake will die. Their leaders will tell all before they perish at my hands, but first I will need some help….

Fours weeks out of my home of Talabheim, heading North along the Talabec River we finally spy our objective, ‘we’ being the motley crew of “adventurers” I have managed to convince and bribe onto the path of righteousness. They will see the light in due course and will be useful escorts in the meantime, and from the discussions I had to endure I realised this was a band of men driven by fear, in its infinite forms. Fear can be a useful tool if wielded correctly.

Talion was the first I met, an Elf Ranger out of Mousillon. Elves are thought to be the purest of races, tall, graceful and….corruptible, had not half of the High Elves of Ulthuan been turned by the Dark God of Pleasure himself? Worse, he is a magic user and therefore connected to the powers of Chaos in ways even I could not imagine. His is fear for his history, I will watch him closely. Shockingly his companion was a Dwarf, a slayer to be exact by the name Thorgrim Longbeard. His silence about his past worries me gravely, secrets kept by the unworthy are always troublesome, although I do believe he was recently in Erengrad if the crude tattoo on his chest is to be believed and I doubt it is. His is a fear of shame.

The third member of our quartet was a righteous priest of Sigmar, a pious man and self proclaimed leader called Victor Vile, no doubt his ancestors were sinners and now he seeks to atone. His need for leadership is a concern, never trust those who seem the most trustworthy. Is Sigmar the only God he worships? His is fear of his God. Nevertheless the priest had led us to the location the Dwarf in Talabheim told us of, the entrance to the cave of the Cyclopean Dragon. The slayer carried a large ruby, a key to unimaginable wealth, which we must take to the Dragon to rid this area of foul greenskins; I have always found Dwarven myths to be over-elaborate, imaginative minds are the playgrounds of Chaos.

As we entered the darkness I realised the ‘cave’ was not a cave system at all but what looked like the dungeon of a keep, long destroyed. The stench of evil was overpowering as we entered what looked like an abandoned prisoners cell, I quickly dispatched the lone wolf gnawing on a carcass but not before the unmistakable sounds of a cave-in approached. The fear in the others turned to terror as the rumbling became a grating of a portcullis sliding into place, we could not now turn back.

Before we could even step out of the cell we were assaulted by all manner of evil creatures; despicable goblins, abominable skaven, mutated rats and worst of all, the undead. Bones animated through evil magics controlled by a vile necromancer I could not see. Through the maelstrom of blood and steel I almost fell, as did the priest and the Elf, who had to resort to swordplay to defend himself as again and again the winds of magic were taken from him. For his credit the troll slayer saved our lives although I believe his obsession with death, for both his enemies and himself, makes him easily corruptible, despite being a Dwarf.

We emerged victorious into a small room with broken and rusty tools stacked against the walls, the blood encrusted on them indicated they were tools to work the body not the fields. More evil ratmen assaulted us, the first group were weak of nerves and ran as soon as their weapons of surprise and numbers were overcome. It became obvious that these slaves had just been used to tire us as more confidant clanrats arrived with what appeared to be some type of musket weapon. The troll slayer once again swept away all before him, helped by the magics of Talion, and was rewarded by finding an amulet of prodigious power that gave him the strength of an ogre.

Faith is a powerful ally, and on this occasion thankfully not just my own. The priest’s faith in Sigmar benefited all of us as he managed to heal our wounds, the Elf was on the verge of death but regained his health admirably as we began to descend into a labyrinth of corridors. They went on for miles and the others began to doubt their intent, as the weak-willed often do, until I rallied them with a fortuitous speech and a reminder that the portcullis still blocked our escape. Then fortune favoured us as we came across a dying Dwarf, despite Talion and Victor’s best efforts they could not save him. He did, however, manage to provide a key that would fit the lock on the portcullis, paving the way open for us to leave if so required. The slayer paid his respects and then marched stubbornly on.

We finally emerged into what looked like a sewer, the walls were covered in slime and a grid covered what looked to be the central drain. From the darkness crawled a large number of huge spiders, their height reached my knee and Thorgrim’s waist and they managed to trap and wound the Elf before the rest of us could remove such evil creatures from this world. The priest was pleased to find a magical chalice that could change the winds of magic as we pleased, although the centuries seemed to have taken their toll as its power was almost spent.

As we moved into a large chamber split by fire I sensed the timely end of our quest. The fabled dragon we sought was across the chasm, with only a rickety bridge and a monstrous beast of chaos barring our way. The troll slayer shouted a challenge but the Minotaur was more interested in the priest of Sigmar. For a reason I cannot explain time seemed to slow although the four of us seemed unaffected. Talion and myself made the most of our ranged attacks to quell the skaven threat, and Victor Vile held back the giant rats that had appeared. Longbeard went for the Minotaur with a rage I never before had witnessed, the power gleaned from his amulet letting him strike a blow that would have carved a mountain in half, yet, unthinkably, the creature survived. The monster stumbled across the chasm but with my pistol spent I had no option but to strike it down with my sabre, saving the priest from a horrible end.

A courier arrived a week later, at the pre-arranged meeting place. I expected the Dwarf to come himself for his share of the gold, I would imagine he was too busy wallowing in his own indulgence. Greed is the throne of sin. The ruby had been placed in the recess of the dragons eye socket, triggering an ancient Dwarven mechanism to release hundreds of gold coins. The others fell upon them like starved animals, I was more interested in the aura now being given off by the dragon. I was filled with a wonderful feeling of goodness, which I suppressed immediately. Pleasure is a path to Chaos. Still, it was a victory against the forces of darkness, of which there would be many more…


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PostPosted: Fri Jan 26, 2007 4:36 am 
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Although my gaming experience is limited (by choice) to Necromunda I enjoyed this tale. I have difficulty writting from the 1st person but I think you pulled it off well.

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