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Naza Returns

 Post subject: Naza Returns
PostPosted: Wed Oct 10, 2007 9:18 am 
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Naza walked though the gate; the dirt was churned up around his old leather combat boots that had sunken into the thick sloppy mud, that had splattered up his long gray storm coat. He glanced around; he could see the cold gray stone of the fort around him had been reinforced with metal plates to resist the constant bombardments that cold be heard in the distance. There was a thick layer of dust and rubble, around where the old keep had been leveled. There were a few men walking along the walls, they looked cold, demoralized and starved. Every now and then they would stop and huddle round the old oil drums, sharing a smoke with there comrades and fellow guards.

He took a look round, it was a dark and dismal sight, he could see that most of the men were sitting round fires, the sharp light cutting and high lighting their faces. He didn’t know any of them. They sat in their little groups rapped in camp blankets or Camo-clocks to try to fight off the bitter cold- ness. It was a poor site that Naza had see two many times before, he could tell that sprits were low.

There was a burst of laughter from a group in the corner of his eye. He turned his head and looked over to them; the hint of a smile twitched the corner of his mouth he started to move over.

The first his eyes met was a Major by the name of Flame; he was a brave, gallant, and bold man, who always spoke his mind. His shoulders were broad and his legs were as thick as tree trunks. He was in a large bear skin coat, with thick gloves, were he picked them up Naza dreaded to think. Flame had been Naza’s number one for many years, he was a trusted allied, friend and brother. When they had been young cadets Flame had gotten him in to many tight spots although Flame would say the opposite.

The next man Naza’s eyes met was the Lieutenant, Teck, a communications expert, and as usual he had some gadget in his hands, it looked like the distant remains of an old data map pad, but it had been in the hands of Teck so it may be able to do anything now. He sat draped in his cam blanked with a torch griped in his teeth. Teck had found Naza, or Naza had found Teck in the Battle for VTar 137 and he had been tagging along since then. Teck was a large, well liked Catachan that had befriended the regiment and his half witted jokes were always good for moral.

Then was Katonah young, hot headed, street wise ganger, from Necromunda. Naza had never got to the point of how Katonah got in to the middle of a raging battle, for a falling planet, saying that, at the time he didn’t want to stop for a cup of tea, it isn’t a good idea when running from a hundreds the legends of the dammed mutant things. Katonah was sat with a boltgun in his hand Naza knew that it wasn’t his, Katonah liked to carry a lasgun with hot shot power packs, they weren’t what you would call standard, but Naza had learnt that it came in handy to have a bit more power. His robes made him look like a monk, his face was hidden deep with in his dark blue hood,

Katonah was talking to an unmasked storm trooper who Naza had come to know as Knight. He had been with an army that fully fielded storm troopers. Knight had claimed his name from Ghost a sniper when he had taken to a horse and, with power sword in hand, had run madness in the rampaging Ork ranks until back up had come to get the injured out this had also saved the snipers life. Knight had become a vital member of the team. Knight had proved to have some other skills and always seemed to find a few mates when they seemed to be in a tight spot. His jet clack padded amour was in perfect condition.

Ghost was sat next to his old friend. Jacob “Ghost” Mason was youngest and the best sniper that there was. He had been at Naza’s side ever since day one. He had met Naza by mistake, when he had got on board Naza’s Transport ship. He was fifteen at the time, with no family, or money, and he was too young to be recruited, so he ran. When the ship crashed landed Ghost found him self rapped up in the war it took him like a crabber. He picked up a sniper rifle and he was off. Naza found out and had managed to get the right to over ruled a commissar order to execute him, and to let Ghost stay on to prove himself, which he had many times over, and he stayed fighting.

Naza walked over to the men and stood tall casting a shadow in to the ring of men. As he moved in to the light of the fire his face was illuminated under his commander cap, his scared where deeper the ever, and his cheek had a deep red line across that was still pussing just under his ear.

“Thought you lot would have packed up a long time ago.” He said with his bold commanding voice. Flame looked up and gave him a cocky grin. His eyes seemed look more menacing the ever in the shade from the fire light.

“Could say the same about you commander, good to see you alive.” He said standing to shack the Naza’s hand.

“Z’hrone of z’error, Naza you must be zee most domed son of an ork, z’his side of god.”

“Nice to see you too Katonah,” Naza smiled, nodding to the ganger who had started chanting Naza’s name in some made up rhyme, much to the annoyance of the men around.

“It is an honor as always Corneal Naza.” Knight stood and gave a low noble bow before shacking Naza hand, and slapping him hard on the back.

“And how are you lad,” Naza said turning to Ghost who sat behind him, “you still fighting?”

“Yes sir,” Ghost said with no thought, he did not moving from where he sat, just sat steering sadly into the ground. Naza looked at Flame, Flame had a warm heart and Naza was in no doubt that he was looking out for the boy.

“Angels ship was attacked, no word.” was all Flame said. Naza put a hand on Ghost shoulder and said some thing in the boy’s ear. Ghost looked up and nodded; he just picked up his bag, and was off.

“Good,” Naza said turning to Flame and tacking him by the shoulder, “It’s good to see you” Naza’s face turned to ice. “Where is it?” He said meeting Flame brown eyes. Flame just gave a short nod to a pack on the floor bound in a leather pack, he picked it up. They all moved off in to a small tent near to where they had been sat. When they where in Naza gave them one of his, no messing, this is business, looks then he spoke.
“Where in trouble, the Imperial is in trouble…”

Naza had started to go over what was happen. Flame took notes as Naza when though what had been happen.

“… The Imperial use to hold a planet called Sparta 5, it was an old planet used buy the Navy to hold there fighters, bombers, that short of thing. The only thing is the Adeptus would never touch it, they believed that is was haunted and what no. Sparta was abandoned a log time ago, but was recently reactivated.”

“Vot do you mean, who reactivated, zee Imperial?” Katonah ask.

“That’s the thing, as far as the high lords of terra go, the Imperial Guard don’t have any thing to do with this.”

“That mean they we have a few Rouges attacking an abandoned plant, that at a wild guess, still have half a Navy armory on it, and the positions of every bird, crew man and docking station in the galaxy.”

“In not so many words, yes.” Naza when on, Flame just smiled as he worked out what they were about to do.

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