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Battlereport: Dark Angels vs Tyranids 1500 pts. Turn 3 Nids
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Author:  Shadowseer [ Wed Jul 12, 2017 8:04 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Battlereport: Dark Angels vs Tyranids 1500 pts. Turn 2 D

Turn 2


Primal rage was the foremost feeling amongst the xenos beasts as almost the whole swarm advanced or charged with sharp fangs and claws ready to overwhelm the fleshlings. Only the small remnant of the Hormagaunts who had witnessed the messy death of the Zoanthrope hid amongst the rubble in the crater digging deep into the rocky surface. There they would linger and wait either until they starved or some unknowing victim would come their way.

Their broodbrothers on the other side of the river flung themselves against the hulking form of the Dreadnought. The last of the Thermagaunts close on their heels. The relatively small creatures intention was not to bring the Space Marine machine down, but only to lock it in combat where its mid-range armament would be of little use and where the Genestealers would make short work in a second wave.

The Genestealers took up their position ready to strike at the next opportune moment behind the fuel tanks to hide from the weaponry of the fleshlings.

The Carnifex advanced as well, still acting as a meatshield bodyguard to the Hyve Tyrant, which came close behind him and aimed with his Venom Cannon.

Since the whole swarm had either charged, hid or run, there was no creature left to fire a single shot.

In the following dance of death 5 Hormagaunts were broken and ripped apart by the Lightning Claws of the Dreadnought, the rest of them scrapping uselessly on the heavy walker's armour plating.

The winds of the immaterium were ebbing and the Hive Tyrant failed to concentrate enough energy. The Scriptor Magister on the other hand used the stored energies in his Force Weapon to unleash his wrath upon the Hormagaunt - Thermagaunt horde, the psi-force smoting 4 more Hormagaunts and the last of the Thermagaunts upon the bare rock.


The Hormagaunts digging in on the far left flank...


while the rest of the Hive is storming towards the meat things.


Their numbers are to no avail for the Hormagaunts in the ensuing claw to claw melee.

Again I apologize for letting you all wait for so long...

Author:  Shadowseer [ Sun Jul 16, 2017 6:58 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Battlereport: Dark Angels vs Tyranids 1500 pts. Turn 3 D

Turn 3

Dark Angels:

This was the moment when we had to decide the 3rd turn would be the last of our game. Initially we had rolled for 3 turns, then decided we wanted to play 4, but due to my opponent's timelimit we finally agreed on 3.

The Chief Librarian charged the Hormagaunts which clinged to the bulk of the Dreadnought.

The engines of the Ravenwing Landspeeders roared as both vehicles turned sharpely heading for the Tyranid lines.

++Fall back. Establish new defensive perimeter.++

The Deathwing Terminators retreated in good order onto the steel bridge, where they could bring their weapons to bear upon the Tyranids should they dare to leave their cover, but even more so to move out of the immediate threatrange of the fastmoving xenos beasts and reinforce the Techmarine.

Having closed in to bring their weaponry to bear the Ravenwing Landspeeders opened up upon the Genestealers. Shells ripped through the Genestealer swarm leaving a sole survivor behind. Both Assault Cannons jammed in this last salvo.
Now the Hive Tyrant was technically bereft of all its minion creatures with exception of the Carnifex and the few Hormagaunts locked in deadly melee in the arena of the crater.

They were not to last for long. The might of two Astartes heroes, Thunderhammer and Lightning Claw, destroyed all but one Hormagaunt in mere seconds.

Even as the Chief Librarian concentrated to manifest one of his powers, a shriek from the Hive Tyrant sounded over the Battlefield and all energies from the Warp were sucked back into the immaterium.


The Ravenwing closes in and brings their deadly weaponry to bear.


The Genestealer swarm is decimated as are the Hormagaunts in the crater.

Author:  Shadowseer [ Mon Aug 07, 2017 9:54 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Battlereport: Dark Angels vs Tyranids 1500 pts. Turn 3 D

Turn 3


Not a single Tyranid creature moved... lest the fleshlings kill them with their weapons.

Shrieking with defiance the Hive Tyrant aimed at the bulky silhouette that had killed off almost the entire Hormagaunt swarm and fired its Venom Cannon. The shot was dead on target with its remaining salvo coming down on the right side of it engulfing the last Hormagaunt in its blast.

Where the little Tyranid creature was instantly destroyed by the ammunition, the thick plating on the Dreadnought held, protecting the senex antiquus from any harm.

The Carnifex tried to do better, but the Bioplasma went harmlessly by the crater.

The winds of the Warp returned as the flood is following the tide. But the Hive Tyrant was still stunned from the outcome of its shooting (my opponent had drawn only blockades). But with the power returning it was for the Chief Librarian to let out a scream of anger and he focussed the lethal energies on the Hive Tyrant itself. The Tyrant tried to avert the swirling maelstrom, but it couldn't deflect it. More so, feeling the warp energies used against it, the giant relay-creature was consumed by its own fears, as the Chief Librarian smote his foe.

The remaining Tyranid creatures fled or digged in even deeper into the crust of the planet making the victory of the Dark Angels total.

++Xenos threat eliminated...++


Adding insult to injury the only one harmed by the Hive Tyrant's volley is the last poor remaining Hormagaunt.

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