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Author:  shiver85 [ Wed Jun 18, 2008 9:05 am ]
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I think I wasn't clear enough: 2 ork capacity means driver+1 other (passenger or gunner). There needs to be a Gang capacity size vehicle (I know at least 2 people who made trukks the size of a small fort), but maybe we could just draft in the Crawler class from AW.
Maybe I've not been clear on this point either: I think the 1-trukk-full-of-orks-mob is perfectly fluffy. What i want to achieve is a situation where players choose it for style, not because its more likely to succeed 8-)

On reflection 6 tables should give us enough room for variety. I don't want the skill lists becoming too focused either, its very Orky to have just Muscle and ferocity as CC skill lists. I'd change a bit about Odd skills (including the name), I'd make the Dakka (shooting) table more useful to vehicle gunners (who are or should be more common than heavies in Necromunda), and a couple of the skills need rewording, simpler than i thought it would be actually :roll:

As for the driving skills: making them common for a house means that all the non-driver gang members have a tighter skill focus (I'm loath to make them available to all). This makes the different houses more or less challenging to play, just as VS are less challenging than Goliath. Which is a good thing IMO, so long as you have more than 2 houses :wink:

So house wise, I'm thinking something along the following lines:
Red Sun- Driving, Dakka, Tekno
Goff- Ferocity, Muscle, Dakka
Deathskull- Dakka, Tekno, Cunning
Bloodaxe- Cunning, Driving, Dakka
Snakebite- Ferocity, Beast Rider, Muscle
(NB- the names are getting changed. This is just for ease of reference)

Author:  Ardavion [ Sun Jun 22, 2008 1:24 am ]
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shiver85 wrote:
They get boars and beasts instead of vehicles, plus some different fluff, and an alternative to spannerz, maybe a shaman or some such. sorted. ... Of course they might need some alternative gubbinz, while a wrecking ball mounted on the back of some desert squig beast would be pretty cool, they can't be made go-faster...

In the 40k Feral Ork army they had pigdoks - they looked after the boars, and also provided improvements such as stimulants for the boars to make them go faster (like a Big Red Button on a Cyboar). The gubbins could be various systems by which drugs are introduced to the boar's bloodstream, or the supply of different drugs for each boar.

Other, slightly less biological advancements could be things like armour plated tusks/headplates for extra ramming damage, as well as the usual armour plating (cyboars, anyone?), and there could be mounted projectiles on the boar's saddle (one shot grenade launchers or somesuch). Food for thought.

Author:  shiver85 [ Sun Jun 22, 2008 4:41 am ]
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Pigdoks, nice one Aardavion.

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