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"She Gets Around"
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Author:  s4G [ Mon Jul 01, 2013 5:59 am ]
Post subject:  "She Gets Around"

This missions can actually be implemented in several iterations, from < level 10, up through the highest levels.

The first iteration begins with meeting the 'Bar Fly' (I call her Evangeline) in Rico's. Note: This does not 'activate' until after she helps you in the Murder Investigation.

1) She mentions that she has family in Hellport, but the wastes are too terrible for her to travel alone - and of course she cannot afford to hire body guards to take her. She has heard that Boomer (Guns vendor) has been working, 'off the books' to get an old transit system up and running. She, of course, has no knowledge of such things, or how they work.
Task - talk to Boomer in Gunshop

2) Boomer, is reluctant to trust an 'outsider' (the motive behind this is that once he links up with all of his Merchant buddies, they will corner the market on the transit system and make fist fulls of Wooden Nickles).
Task: Kill 20 Black Jokers (Juves, whatnot) - bring back evidence

3) OK, you can clear out the riff-raff, but can you help me put together the parts i need. Now, i know this is a lot like the Dust Devil mission, but, it will need to be completed, in order for the subsequent missions to be started/completed.
Task: Collect 30 Metal Tubes, 10 Scrap Metal, 5 Small Wires (Note: The quantities can be tweaked as needed)

4) Boomer is having trouble steadying his nerves to complete the work. He needs his smokes.
Task: Collect 5-10 crumpled smokes
Reward: I am not sure exactly... maybe a nice piece of armor, or a small amount of wooden nickles & and a toolbit. Screwdriver or something - weapon stats like worn hammer.

5) Barfly is unimpressed because she still can't get to Hellport. She suggests you 'figure it out'.

6) Now Boomer will tell you that his nearby partner, Hellport_Harry, needs help with his end of the project.

Phase II

1) Hellport Harry is almost done. He just the "motivator bits"
Task: collect 3 Engine Parts, 4 Spare Tires, 2 Scrap Electronics, 3 Worn Rubber Belts - he needs to the bits to combine together in order to get one working model.
Reward: A toolbit... maybe like a monkey wrench. It's not really good for much, other than bit collectors. Weapon stats like the worn hammer.

2) Evangiline is still unimpressed, but kisses the hero on the cheek for the help.
Reward: Fast Travel possible between Ash Flats and Hellport - for a fee.

Phase III
This one can be started in any of the three towns the players have encountered so far: Ash Flats, Hellport, or Junktion.

1) The Pharma merchants are having trouble getting their goods (aka drugs) across the Barrens. They need help getting spare parts for the transit system.
Task: Collect: 1 Engine Parts, 2 Spare Tires, 1 Scrap Electronics, 1 Worn Belt.

2) Need some protection running around the Barrens.
Task: 5 Collect Broken Gun Parts, so a weapon system can be added, and 5 Riot Shields

3) The repairs are going well, but they need a new Plasma Battery Cell
Task: Duh! Collect a Plasma Battery Cell and return it.
Reward:; Small tool - used for some sort of electronics. Now game value as a weapon. Another collectors bit.

Now able to fast transit between Ash Flats, Hellport, and Junktion

My idea is that the Phases can be added as new town locations are added, but not accessible as a mission until the player has traveled to the location at least once. Each reward is only worth a collectors item like a piece of tool kit and the ability to then fast travel to the new area... for a fee of course.

One idea i did have for a reward in Junktion might be a small arms tool kit that gives a player the ability to upgrade a weapon one grade. But, the weapon could only ever be upgraded once. A mechanical set for ballistic type wepons, an electronic tool kit for laser/energy weapons, and maybe a psi-kit for Psi-weapons. I am not sure if it should apply for Melee type deals though, but to be fair... probably should.


Author:  squevil [ Tue Jul 02, 2013 5:26 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: "She Gets Around"

earning fast travel is a cool idea

Author:  McCragge [ Wed Jul 03, 2013 6:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: "She Gets Around"

squevil wrote:
earning fast travel is a cool idea

I agree and we will be adding that to the game as well :)


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