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New O&G Army Book.

 Post subject: New O&G Army Book.
PostPosted: Sat Oct 21, 2006 9:40 am 

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A preface: I played the crap out of 4th ed. had all the books, a big pile of models and a large amount of decent homemade terrain. I was 16 when they "re-released" the game and changed everything. In shock and disgust, I stopped playing and went sci-fi. Then a friend of mine got BfSP dirt cheap and I played a short game.

Well, I'm BACK, BABY!!

So, the new Orc book, I got it. I'm a little let down. Quite a few questions regarding various NG units, and a lot of frustrated WTF!!?? regarding options. Why can't my NG Shaman ride a Gigantic Spider. Why can't he even ride ANYTHING?

Also, the writer uses far too many little comments in brackets (trying to be amusing)

The "hobby" section is a joke. It's just pretty pictures. No conversions, no painting guides, no themed terrain how-to's. Just "ohhhh, new Gorbad".

It's not all bad. The spells are nice. "Mork Wants Ya" is a lovely war-machine crusher. (D6 S10 hits.) Grimgor is off the chart. Trolls are a killer unit, and you can field them individually if you want.

Anybody else got this book? What are your thoughts?

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PostPosted: Sat Oct 21, 2006 12:00 pm 
Officer of the Watch
Officer of the Watch
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As I read your post feeder, i flick through the new army book.
DAMN! I didn't even notice the "no conversions, painting etc." thing, but yeah, that is a bit annoying, as a soul devoted converter, conversions are what i like to see.
Regarding likes/dislikes, WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO ALL THE MAGIC ARMOUR!? The orcs now have- a shield that bites people, and, a suit of light armour that makes orcs slightly tougher... WHAT THE HELL!?
What happened to DRog's armour? the Ironskin shield? Gork's power must be fading, what was a 5+ armour sav re-rolling suit, has become more expensive, and not-so good.
Rant over, having considered your complaints feeder (and re-read some of the army book) what!? Why CAN'T night goblin shamans ride anything? Bang on feeder, he SHOULD be ab le to ride a great big spider...
OR at least.... somebody should.

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