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Fiend at the Spike Magazine Championship (pics)

 Post subject: Fiend at the Spike Magazine Championship (pics)
PostPosted: Thu Aug 07, 2008 2:05 am 
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I'd been informed of the upcoming event. It still crept up on me kinda last minute. I wouldn't have to journey
far but would use the service of the hotel at the host location despite it's only being in the suburbs.
So bags packed and my gal panicked
This was my answer
From the B-line to the Skytrain and I rendezvous with my mates for the weekend of adventure, Endycarus and C.S.
While enroute to are suburban destination a fellow besides us asks , after overhearing us prattle, " Do you know Warhammer Epic ?"
The fellow asking was an English buinessman in town on buisness. That's him behind the pole and Endycarus in the middle.
Apparently he used to coach too and he said BB was dead in the England!
We exited the non puked side of the car (car being a singular skytrain unit) and headed for the hotel!
Here CS would be up half the night getting his team painted.
It had been a while since I played, unsure if I had even downloaded the right rules we decided to have a little game before bed
The competition would be tough we would need our strength for the forthcoming challenge
so we blitzed the hotel restaurant and hooked up with a few more coaches.
OMG 8:00 AM was to early for registry. I was a little fuzzy.
I checked out the slick large fields we would be on, other people put the finishing touches on their teams.
There were costumed coaches! Pirates! Yarr!
His pirate themed skaven team, and cheerladers!
There was even a team of Eldar with Tau Crisis star player
Cool Trophies!
Soon enough games were underway. My first opponent a Khemri team, my next a Skaven , the only other team than
mine dressed in yellow, my decision on the matter inspiered by older hockey jerseys worn by the local HOCKEY club.
The flying V's of the Vancouver Canucks.
Yup! I play chaos dwarves in bloodbowl. The mighty SLAVEDRIVERS!
Perhaps the only place you will find a selfrespecting chaos dwarf in yellow.
Then I would meet the 1st Ogre team in the comp
And as luck would have it the youngest Coach in the tournament would provide me my 1st Victory!
Casulties for this coach would become extreme across the course of the weekend
I had one last game against a lizardman team and then day 2
My 1st opponent for day 2 was a charming bloke formely of the uk.
His team was themed after the local footbal club BC Lions
His teamwas named the BC dieing
Yay the undead would bring me my second victory! I personally thought this was the best looking game
The clock would tick down
I would play one of my mates. CS would field his Dark Elves with whome he'd had only 1 victory pretournament!
My last opponent the Other Ogre coach, more interested in carnage than vitory a serious challenger for the rambo award, would provide me a 3rd victory. His team pictured earlier with the glue.
After an extremly high casualty game all that was left was to add up points and see who would bring home the trophies
Winner of the endzone prize was very happy :D
and then my batteris ran out!
Dont fret the organizers of the tournament have now posted results!
The swiss style tournament was over. My 3-4 record placed me 29th out of 33 people.
Only ahead of both Ogre coaches , who would get the glass joe and rambo award respectively, and an Elf coach Endycarus!
With a single BB win to his credit before the tournament CS managed to wack us both in the tournament and finished 22nd
All that was left was to grab our swag and head home.
I choose the UNDERCORE comic books an organizer drew

All pipes lead to Necromunda

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