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The Throne of Darkness

 Post subject: The Throne of Darkness
PostPosted: Tue Jun 28, 2005 8:02 pm 
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game was just released in pl as a cheap dvd that comes with a magazine.

i bought it four days ago and haven't left the house yet. except for beer and smokes:)

it's basically poin n' click, hack n' slash diablo clone. diablo to me seemed always sort of boring. but this game reminds me of another title - baldur's gate series. in diablo you played with only one character, here you've got seven.

tod takes place in the feudal japan and you command 7 samurai (guys looking just like kurosawa's characters, cool). four of them takes part in action, three rest in daimio's dojo. you may teleport in or back anyone.

story: evil shogun made a pact with an evil priest and offered his soul to a daemon. now shogun's destroying his own land with the army of the dead. the opposing shogun, servant of good and powerfull daimio, attemtpts to stop the daemon. you're the shogun + 6 samurai.

game is full of japaneese names, old armours and kabuki masks. every samurai may use psychic powers and wield magic weapons designed by you. fights are fun. samurai are screaming non stop: HAJAAAA!!!, OZABUKIII!!! HAI!!!+ disgusting sounds of hacking and slashing. blood's everywhere cause undeads are at large in the province. severed limbs, impaled people, lot's of mangled bodies, especially in villages.

music is scary and trancy.

also unlike the rpg, there are no conversations in this game. you just do what your daimio tells you to do. sample daimio's monologues:
- castle hosozuka has betrayed us. go their castle and execute all of them.
- do not go this way: the darklord troops are fully entrenched there.

levels are huge but you may teleport freely. monsters do not respawn but corpses do not disappear ;) so very ofeten you'll find yourself wandering across one big bloody cementery.

if you ever played diablo and liked it, or not, and you like japaneese feudal japan stuff or asian movies, play it.

This is turning into one (&#$@!) of a bad-hair day.

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 28, 2005 8:42 pm 
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hmm, i'll have to look at it.

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