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What sort of characters do you like to play?
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Author:  kharille [ Sun Oct 15, 2006 3:24 am ]
Post subject:  What sort of characters do you like to play?

I don't want to limit the selection to any particular game but is there a style of gameplay which you like? Intellectual? Combat? Or maybe just the downright annoying guy?

Author:  Venator [ Sun Oct 15, 2006 10:32 am ]
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This topic just happened to come up at a time when I have been going over this very subject concerning my MMORPG characters. Although I don't think anyone here plays MMORPGs besides me(?), my recent thoughts on the subject have generated this unusually large response:

I used to game with a guy who always played the same character. It didn't matter what game we were playing, all his characters ended up being clones of this one ideal, which we termed the "elf ninja". In fantasy games, he was always an elf rogue, sometimes with some other class thrown if for variety. In Shadowrun he played an extra stealthy elf street samurai. In games with no elves he was somethings fast, stealthy and agile that was good in melee (a mutant tiger in our last Gamma World game). I still play with a couple of people who's characters are always WAY too similar for my tastes.

I like my characters to be individuals, so I try to avoid always playing the same kind of characters over and over. I've been playing RPGs for... hmmm... over 25 years. It's pretty hard to come up with something unique and interesting every time. In order to keep them fresh I often make my characters as extremely unusual as the game system and campaign will permit. Some of the more unusual ones include:
- My group is currently playing Mutants & Masterminds and my character is a robot based vaguely on the Caretaker robots from Katsuhiro Otomo's Akira.
- One of my Shadowrun characters years ago was an eccentric criminal psychiatrist who's insatiable desire to study criminal behavior up close drove him to hire himself out as a Shadowrunner so that he could study them in their natural environment.
- My most recent Shadowrun character was an Ork Drone Rigger. Drone Riggers are interesting and complicated characters to play, but they can be a game balance problem. To avoid that, I made this character very combat-worthy in his own right so he could go in with the troops. His drones functioned more as recon and distraction units than as killing machines.
- The last time my group played Gamma World, my character was an ambulatory shurb that had no vocal aparatus so it couldn't talk. It was smarter than some of the PCs but tended to be viewed as a pet more than a teammate. It cared nothing for wealth or artifacts but collected things with interesting textures the way some birds collect things that are blue. (That was the same campaign with the mutant tiger, and it was weird, even for Gamma World.)
- One of my longest running D&D character was a vain young fighter/mage who was obsessed with his own image as a dashing hero. He used his spells primarily as buffs to make himself seem more capable in melee combat. Many of his decisions were calculated to be flashy and daring in an 1940's action serial sort of way, including taking lots of needless risks.
- We had a BESM campaign a couple years ago in which my character was based around the Swarm power, which causes the character to dissolve into a swarm of bats/bugs/rats or something similar. I was able to work several other powers in to this theme and give them rather ghastly effects, all of which the character tried to keep secret.

One thing that is universally true of my characters in traditional pen-and-paper games as well as MMORPGS is that I prefer to play complicated, flexible characters with a lot of skills and abilities. That usually means spellcasters or multi-classed/hybrid characters. I don't generally try to make super combat death machine characters... partially because these are already quite popular with most gamers and I hate following the crowd. In MMORPGs, my favorite characters have been my Warden in DAoC and my Illusion/Empathy Controller in City of Heroes.

Author:  cykotek [ Sun Oct 15, 2006 11:49 pm ]
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I have gone on a number of odd tangents with my own characters, but many times I have also fallen back to my old favourite - the grunt.

I just like playing an uncomplicated warrior-type from time to time.

Not all the time - I have covered almost every type of character except mage in my time - but more than any other single class.

My all-time favourites have to be my D&D character - a half-orc barbarian with a literacy problem and a bad attitude - and my Alternity Concord Marine, a career soldier on the brink of burning out from combat fatigue.

As for MMORPGs... don't play them. Just not the same as having a bunch of friends sitting round the table.

Author:  kharille [ Mon Oct 16, 2006 4:49 am ]
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I tend to pick the thief type character. Never gets to be the leader but I like to interact with the environment and to pick my fights. Actually doing some unexpected things in a recent play by forum game where I'm trying to support the non-human to wage war on another group. The other players are just sucking it all in.

Reminds me of that time we had an encounter with some bandits. I wanted to follow them to their lair. Sort of makes it difficult for my GM when I start taking full advantage of every encounter. Like searching for monster lairs after defeating the monster....

Yeah, the plain annoying character.....

Author:  Keldane [ Mon Oct 16, 2006 4:37 pm ]
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I've played many different styles of characters, ranging from the utterly clueless (a male former pleasure slave turned assassin following the player group even though he didn't understand a word of the quest they were given - I'm still not quite sure of his motivations, but odds are they had to do with impressing people) to the unstoppably powerful (mid-level dragon as a player character, anyone?).

Typically, my characters are clones of myself, only exaggerated. For example, in real life, I find it fun to tease and torment people in a harmless way. One of my more recent characters takes that a few dozen steps farther and mutilates people (and himself, the crazy...) for fun.

Author:  bots [ Tue Oct 17, 2006 1:51 am ]
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one of my friends always played girls. be it fantasy, sci fi, horror, always girls.
the other guy played nomads/indians/outsiders guys.
i liked to kill whatever i wanted. these are the characters i remember i played (i was mostly gm and didn't play as character too much).
- troll slayer
- solo in cyberpunks
- ork solo in single shadow run game
- daemonic sword in wfrpg

i must say last time i rolled dice in rpg was sometime around 1998

Author:  Danger Mouse [ Wed Nov 29, 2006 12:25 am ]
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90% of the time i tend to play a specialist of some sort. in a fantasy setting, such as DnD, i generally play an archer or swordsman. in a sci-fi setting, such as Shadowrun (easily my favourite rpg), i tend to play covert ops type chars or gunfighters(pistol experts). in shadowrun i have an adept with all skills and points in pistol wielding and tons of negative flaws in computers and technical stuff.

Author:  speshul [ Wed Nov 29, 2006 4:32 am ]
Post subject: 

I currently play everquest 2 (kithicor server)

My characters i go for image i play a variety of characters (because i can) i like the mental imagery.

I have a swashbuckler, a scout/ thief but an all rounder can take a beating, and i choose the cutest smallest, fragilest looking race (ratonga) as i thinks its funny.

A lot of my chars are cute innocent female 'unsuitable for thier role' characters.

When you main tank is the shortest smallest race in the game its quite funny.

I also like playing derranged characters with a lot of humour.

My very first eq2 character was a dwarf druid ( the stats fitted) but i didn't like the ideal of a dwarf druid, so i wrote some background about how he was raised by elves, and thinks he is an elf, just s short stunty one ( it quite well written) and the reactions i get when playing him is great, i walk into the town and get (ingame) abuse hurled at me :D OI dwarf!

if i can bring a smile to some one in game, then i will, i don't go cheesey but i play for fun and other peoples fun.

Author:  Meltagun [ Mon Dec 04, 2006 8:17 am ]
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Most of my characters were the heavy combat types. That said, not the stupid hulk type, more like the lead hero type.

D&D: The huge fighter that would hold off the monsters & shielded the spell casters.
Also priests of war gods

Top Secret SI: A hulking East German that could battle 4 or 5 enemy grunts while the rest of the team hit the objectives.

Traveller was an aberation for me: Played a Vargr engineer. Think of a furry Scotty from Star Trek. Although even he was a mean hand with a snub pistol.

Author:  Lost_Heretic [ Mon Dec 04, 2006 11:49 am ]
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I tended to play ridiculous characters that get the party into more trouble than they'd expect.

Author:  Deathangel [ Sat Dec 09, 2006 5:39 am ]
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I always love characters that are very odd, good example;
- One of my longest running D&D character was a vain young fighter/mage who was obsessed with his own image as a dashing hero. He used his spells primarily as buffs to make himself seem more capable in melee combat. Many of his decisions were calculated to be flashy and daring in an 1940's action serial sort of way, including taking lots of needless risks.

A flawed character is a lot more interesting than one that just kills, which gets very limiting. I only do 1 MMORPG atm (sig) in 40k and characters I have run were often a bit mad, I had a crazy communist anarchist yet who was a nice guy and scared of battles really.

Author:  Katana [ Sat Dec 09, 2006 9:04 am ]
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Have only ever played one RPG, but the guy is an ordinary guardsman with a psychotic streak, who went mental at one point and killed six people, running away to Reneson (eventually)
He's his own worst enemy cos he's so curious, which is probably going to end up with him having to renlist in the millitary (another section of which want him dead)
I wouldn't stick to him though, if he died, I'd look back on him fondly then make a new background.

Author:  Meltagun [ Mon Dec 11, 2006 9:07 am ]
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Lost_Heretic wrote:
I tended to play ridiculous characters that get the party into more trouble than they'd expect.

Ray, is that you? :P

Sorry LH, just kidding. There was a guy in my group that always played that same character.

Author:  Tauwl Boy [ Tue Mar 06, 2007 4:21 pm ]
Post subject: 

i am an avid MMO player VEN do not fear!

Author:  Venator [ Tue Mar 06, 2007 7:12 pm ]
Post subject: 

I do like to roleplay sometimes in MMORPGs but the terrible blandness of WoW characters makes it a less-than-ideal platform. I now know that there are a few of us around that do play MMOs but we have never made much of an effort to link up on-line that I know of. (Speshul does or did play CoH but never looked me up in-game.)

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