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Sad times for 3/3.5

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 13, 2008 9:18 pm 
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Elurindel wrote:
I'll be damned if I ever make the switch to 4th Ed. I currently own 31 different 3.5 D&D books. If I bought any more from scratch, my wallet, my shelves, and myself, would all cry. :-o
And is it 30 times more fun than if you just owned a Player's Handbook?

I was a gaming book addict myself once, but I got clean. I discovered that an RPG hobby with one $30 book is still approximately as fun as the same hobby with many hundreds of dollars worth of books that I barely looked at. Indeed, back when I owned 30+ D&D books, I never even looked at most of them after the first month or so, so they were already worthless even if the edition number was current.

For $35, 4th Edition is a solid enough game. Just be wise enough to stop right there.

(If I am never heard from again, the WotC hitmen found out where I live.)

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