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Fallout: NCR Patrol Rangers

 Post subject: Fallout: NCR Patrol Rangers
PostPosted: Wed Mar 23, 2016 7:49 am 
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With my interest in Fallout recently reignited I decided to keep the momentum going by expanding the New California Republic Forces that my girlfriend will be fielding against my own Brotherhood of Steel faction.

I have previously painted her a number of both 'Civilian' and 'Veteran Rangers' from the Fallout: New Vegas setting and so this time around I decided to augment these existing forces with the addition of some slightly more generic 'Patrol Rangers.'


The background for these guys originates from 1998's Fallout 2, but their history and imagery was really solidified in the aforementioned Fallout: New Vegas which was released by Bethesda in 2010. Their iconic feature is the unique 'Smokey the bear' hat coupled with light combat armour.


After a lot of searching I was finally able to source some suitable miniatures from World's End Publishing; these models are entitled 'Peacekeepers' and are designed to be used with their own post-apocalyptic game which is called 'This is Not a Test.'


The models are lovely sculpts with a lot of detail crammed onto their 28mm frames, I chose to purchase a few variations in order to add some diversity to my force. I ensured that I painted them in suitably muted colours so as to reflect their survivalist background as I felt anything too bright or garish would not really fit in with their overall concept.

I am pleased with the look of these guys and I am keen to see how they perform on the battlefield against my Brotherhood Troops. There are a few more photos on my blog: http://classicastartes.blogspot.co.uk/2016/03/fallout-4-ncr-patrol-rangers.html


My Retro 40k blog can be found at the link above - Enjoy!

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