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Space Marine Dreadnoughts 1989-2008

 Post subject: Space Marine Dreadnoughts 1989-2008
PostPosted: Sat Apr 15, 2017 3:54 am 
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As a slight variation on my assassin project I decided to paint two dreadnoughts this week, one is a modern dreadnought from the Assault on Black Reach Boxset whilst the other is a classic Rogue Trader model that was released way back in 1988 (29 years ago!)

I had actually basecoated both of these models some years ago but then abandoned them as other projects fought their way onto my paint station; So this gave me the opportunity to finally finish these miniatures off!


I painted the 1989 dreadnought to fit in with my classic Salamanders army of Rogue Trader era marines and used a painting style that was consistent with the predominant techniques of that period. As such it is a nice clean paint job with bright colours and freehand symbology.


Meanwhile I painted the modern dreadnought to join my ever-growing force of contemporary Crimson Fists. I used a more current painting style for this model and went for a grittier more weathered look to the mini. I wanted to give the impression of a war machine that has been on campaign for some time.


Overall these models are very different beasts, but they were both great fun to paint and the differing styles meant I never ended up getting bored during my paint sessions. I'm looking forward to getting them both on the battlefield to face off against each other soon.

I have included a lot more photos and a more in depth article on my blog at: https://classicastartes.blogspot.co.uk/2017/04/rogue-trader-dreadnought-vs-modern.html


My Retro 40k blog can be found at the link above - Enjoy!

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