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 Post subject: BY THE DUST OF 'EM ALL: Chapter 4
PostPosted: Tue Aug 28, 2007 12:12 am 
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Sitting in Ando’s drinking hot tea was quite relaxing. None of the usual drunkards and hoods were about and Nadine seemed content with sleeping in. Fine by him. Ando yawned as he brewed up a fresh batch of that dirty caffeine crap that Guardsmen grow to love. He thanked the Emperor his duty was served. The only wars he wanted to be involved in now were ones of honor and ones of financial gain.
His peace was broken by the familiar high pitched tone of Remo Valente’s voice.
“ Stranger you gotta read this! Hot of the press! Necromundan Times front page!”
Remo slammed the brown news edition in front of him, jolting him and fat Ando out of their blissful morning state.
The Stranger raised the paper to his eyes and began reading aloud.
“ Green Water Massacre! Orphans gang and Vindicators shoot it out in an apparent raid on their home turf. Only three survived the bloody battle, over what appears to be an act of retaliation for a years worth of bad blood. Two Orphans survived, a juve named Emik and heavy Pitter. Only one Vindicator survived but he is in critical condition. Ganger Strider managed to say a few words before the Watchmen dragged him to the Green Water Medical Ward. He said and quote,” It was too perfect, damn Orlock punks couldn’t have done this alone….”
The Vindicators club house was also burned to the ground, in the ruins was found the remains of x-Van Saar Codicers leader Creed Hex. Watchmen officials say he often went to the club house to relax, drink and gamble. Now he is just another casualty of Underhive violence.”
The Stranger bit back a smile. He raised his eyebrows to Remo and Ando shook his head.
“ Crazy world we live in down here lads….just crazy…you gonna want some grub or a cup’o’caffeine Remo?”
Said Ando.
“ No thanks Ando. Well what do ya think Stranger? “ Remo asked.

“ Think about what” He said turning the pages as if unmoved by its content.
“ Don’t you see? One by one Old Grimskulls enemies are getting aced and greased left and right! I been following the stories in the Times and keeping a sharp ear where ever I go.”

The Stranger smiled a bit and gave him a playful tap on the chin.
“ I thought you were done being a reporter? You wanna be a gum shoe again dontcha! Getting your nose where it don’t belong, gun in your back and all that?”
Remo blushed a bit and sensed his friends humor and sighed.
“ Im just saying that’s all…anyways where you been? Haven’t seen much of you lately.”

“Got me a woman. Been wandering around with here visiting old friends and such.” He said smiling.

Ando and Remo both laughed so hard he thought their lungs would explode.
“ How you get a girl without telling her your name boyo? Dames don’t go for lyin’ scoundrel vagabonds lad!” Ando piped on.

The Stranger shrugged. “ She knows my name. Screams it when we roll around in the sheets.” He said grinning ear to ear.

They all laughed. Remo padded his friend on the shoulder and head for the door. The Stranger waved him goodbye.

“Say Stranger, are you ever gonna tell us your real name?”
Ando snorted, refilling the Stranger cup.

“ What’s in a name anyways?”
The Stranger shrugged.

“ Just thought friends oughtta be on a first name basis, ‘sall.”

The Stranger gave him a thoughtful look and nodded his head.
“ Your right. You can call me Dax but I do prefer Stranger…makes me feel dangerous…like one o’ them Spyer drifters….” He said still playing with Remo.

“ Dax huh? Yeah, not much of a name. See ya friend.”

The Stranger walked through the cool streets of Badsville. He breathed in the harsh morning air. Someone Uphive must have forgot to recycle last nights air. He spat a fat glob of gray mucous on the curb leading to Dizzy’s. He needed to smoke something less harmful he thought.

Nadine was still sleeping when the Stranger returned from Ando’s. It was still early, one of Grimskull’s boys would be by before noon to pick up the loot and pay them both. He had hoped Grim would show up himself but he was a busy man these past days. His own gang, the Destroyers had been busy making moves on their rivals all over the ‘Zones, and Nadine and himself were not the only hired guns in his service.

He wanted to take a break from Grimskull to handle things on his own terms. He knew Nadine would understand but Grim might flip out. He wasn’t worried though, he was more valuable alive than dead. The first thing on his list was to find out who ran things back in Dead Mans Hole. He needed a base of operations and there really was no place like home. After that he needed to look up some more old friends and then settle the scores one by one. Starting with the Arbitrator.

“ You ok Dax? Your shaking all over?” Nadine asked sitting up from the bed.
He hadn’t even noticed just how much the hate inside of him was visible until she spoke. He took a deep breath and sighed.

“ Im ok, its that crap I’m smoking!” He coughed playing the part.

She sneered.” Yeah…Kalma'll do that. Turn your brains and insides out. Im gonna shower. When Berserker gets here let me know kay?” she said slipping out of the bed sheets and towards the wash room. He was mesmerized by her magnificent body, perfect breasts and supple ass. He hit the jack pot with this one.
He managed a stifled “ Ah-huh” as she winked at him and closed the door behind her.

Berserker huh? He was Grimskull’s top ganger, a true warrior. He had more kills to his own name than most gangs in the North Badzones combined. He had survived the worst the Underhive had thrown at him. He was rarely seen working the gangs turf, rather he was Grim’s personal enforcer. He was somewhat a maniac, having being raised a pit fighter as a child, fighting mutant dogs, rats and slave kids. then joined the Destroyers when he was a juve. No one had ever bested him in hand to hand, weapons or bare knuckle. He was a killing machine. He was the one who started donning the notorious black and white war paint that the Destroyers later became famous for. He owned a pistol but no one had ever seen him use it, he favored his chain axe and power sword. Everyone feared him, and it made the Stranger just a little suspicious as to why Berserker was sent instead of one of Grim’s other lackeys.

The paranoia got the best of him; he loaded up his shotgun and powered up his laspistols. He opened the window to offer an alternate escape route. He had a big feeling Berserker was sent to clean house-not to make a pay day drop. He put on a flak jacket underneath his t-shirt and donned his trench coat. Was he over reacting? Can’t be too sure, though he thought. But then why wasn’t Nadine worried or suspicious? Was she in on it to? Why would Grimskull send his number one ganger to pay him and Nadine? Was the loot that important that only a high ranking veteran Destroyer like Berserker could only be trusted?
He shook his head,wondering if the kalma was actually gettting to him. Sweating ,he lit another hash cigar and poured himself a stiff drink. What ever was about to happen he was ready.

He sat staring at the door, waiting for someone to knock. Instead Nadine emerged naked and wet from the washroom and laughed at him.
“ What are you doing?” she teased at him

“ Waiting for Berserker.” He said cracking his neck side to side.

“ With a loaded shotty and flak vest on? You planning on shaking down our escort ,Dax?” she said drying her hair.

His face dropped and he turned a bit red. “ Escort? Escort for what…where are we…why do we…?” he stammered on.

“ Beats me…Grim thinks we..YOU..mainly.. need protection.”

“ Protection from who?” He asked arrogantly.

“I don’t know! Gimme a break, can I get dressed please! Sheesh! Im sure Berserker knows whats going down!” She snapped at him.
He shrugged and finally put the shotgun down and lit another cigar, letting the acrid smoke match the distaste his heart had in his mouth.

A loud thud came from the other side of the inn door. Nadine undid the chain and locks on the door and greeted the massive Goliath as he entered the room. The Stranger rose to greet him but decided against it as he noticed the ganger was holding a pistol in his left hand.
He looked once past the two of them and once over his shoulder then ducked inside.
“ We leave now. Grim’s gonna meet us in Slagville. Gotta a tail, three I think. Looks like Delaques. No time too lose. We go now.” Berserker said with no emotion in his scarred face.
The Stranger nodded and grabbed his gear, Nadine doing the same. Berserker went straight for the window that Dax had left open. He climbed through and waved them to follow. They climbed down the gantry and hit the street running, berserker sprinting in a zig-zag pattern. The Stranger understood his method, having fought in many wars, but Nadine ran in a straight line and almost had her head split in two by an incoming bolter round.
In the dim light the Stranger could see three bald-headed figures in the distance, their goggles faintly glowing red and amber.
Berserker stopped to fire off a few rounds and the Stranger ducked and unloaded a few scatter shot rounds in the direction of the incoming fire. Nadine rolled to her feet, gasping out of fresh fear.

She spit.” Damn Delaque snakes!” she cursed firing her laspistols.

“ We go now!” Berserker hollered grabbing her by her coat collar and dragging her away from the line of fire. He turned to grab the Stranger, but he was already gone. Berserker scanned the street, but growled his frustrations and ran headlong down the labyrinth of alleys that webbed out into Badsville.
Nadine screamed for the Stranger, but he was nowhere near them anymore. He had simply vanished in the chaos of the gun battle with the Delaque attackers.
Berserker threw her over his shoulder and continued on without giving the Stranger a second thought. Wherever he had went to Berserker didn’t really care, he had the loot and Nadine, that was two out of three and as far as he knew the Stranger was alive.

The loneliness of the Underhive could sometimes bother the most hardened of men. The cold, dark ruined domes begged for attention, like an old whore at a run down drinking hole. The long walk from Badsville to Dead Mans Hole was a lonely one indeed. No outposts or homesteads for a fifty clicks. Just empty domes, ruined hab blocks and rusted machinery. He knew this was how it had to be though. Grimskull would always be there, Nadine would understand, but probably hate his guts for a long while. He had business to finish. His brother meant the world to him, so now it was time to honor that by handling his unfinished business. If that meant killing and robbing then he would do it to the bitter end-by the dust of ‘em all.

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 28, 2007 5:22 am 
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I like how there is more of a personal feel to these stories. They seem like they are taking place in Hive City(?).

In my mind I've pictured Hive City differently than the feel you have in these stories. That's not a bad thing. It's just different than I imagine it to be like.

A little better on spacing out the converstation. 8) It made it easier for me to follow along. :wink:

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 21, 2009 9:55 am 

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yes it keeps getting more intresting for sure!

much easyer to read thanks alot mate, ill finish reading the story later tonight as im off to play some necro :wink:

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