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 Post subject: BY THE DUST OF 'EM ALL :CHAPTER 6
PostPosted: Wed Sep 19, 2007 1:43 am 
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An explosion ripped through the Chimera as Specialist Dax was thrown to to the deck, melting two of his comrades and knocking it over to its left side. Dax tried to scream but the sheer noise of the secondary concussion drowned him out. He couldn’t breath, the thick black smoke of the engines fuel strangled his lungs. He felt someone grabbing his arm, they were yelling at him,but he couldn’t hear.
He was being dragged from the demolished Chimera as it smoldered. His rescuer shook him and passed him a lasrifle. Dax rose to his feet just in time to see the terrible beast of war in all its horrific glory.
A Chaos warlord titan. It looked alive to Dax, he could not believe his eyes. Was he dreaming? The titan aimed its guns in their direction. The titans eyes glowed as smoke filtered from its nostrils.Was it smiling?
The ground shaking blast sent him and his comrades sailing through the smoke filled air.He rolled to his side and spat out dirt and rocks. He craned his head up, gazing at the traitor marine now standing above him. His armour was black, adorned with skulls, scalps and blasphemous markings. The traitor marine jammed a bronzed bolt pistol to Dax’s fore head. Everything went black.

“ NO!” the Stranger cried as he reached out for something that was not there.
He desperately caught his breath and looked at his surroundings. He was in a dark room with no windows. He reached for his cigars and lit one up. He inhaled and exhaled slowly. Trying to remember where he was. His head was ringing fierce, the hangover setting in.
He wrung his hands and rolled his neck trying to relax. He rarely dreamt, but when he did it was always the same nightmare.

He sat rubbing his head and finally turned off his cigar. He remembered now. He was at Dino’s Holestead, in the lounge room. He tried to fall back asleep but he knew it was no good. He had fought Orks, Eldar warriors, hive zombies, mutants, men and even the dreaded Tyranids. Still the one thing that haunted him was that of the Chaos traitor marines. By all rights he should have died that night , but somehow here he was. He made the sign of the Imperial aquilla and lay back down. He slept soundly after that.

The Stranger was gingerly nudged awake by a womens small hands. He opened his blurry eyes to see who she was.

“ Mornin’ lad, you must be Dax eh?” she said passing him a cup of hot caffeine.

“Um yeah, and you are?” he said groggily.

“Im Illiana.Dino’s sister. Dino and Colt are already having their breakfest’.” She said matter of factly.

“ Well then I guess I should too.”

She showed him the way to the kitchen area.
Dino looked nothing like he remembered.
They were roughly the same age, but somehow he looked, older. Tired before his time. He was heavily tattooed and his hair had streaks of gray.

“ Well finally awake eh?” Colt snickered.
“ Well, well. Have a seat brother. Been a long time. Hot cup of caffeine will sort you out.” Dino added.

“ Thanks. How have you been?” The Stranger asked gulping his drink.

Dino sighed heavily. “ Im alive ain’t I? Hell, I had a few things going on after the CRAG you know, but nothing big. Still better with a gun then I am with creds or words. I just ain’t business savvy.
Any who, I still can’t believe you’re here, alive and well brother. It’s almost like a dream….I dunno bout you, but I always prayed the gang would get back together, you know finally get what’s deserved by us. You dig?”
The Stranger looked him dead in the eyes. Dino wasn’t joking. He meant every word like it was his last.

“ I didn’t do too much thinking in my time with the Guard, but as my service began ending, all I could do was think of what I was gonna do when I got home. It feels good to be back in the Zones, back in Dead Mans you know? Something ‘s never change, but a lot has since The Iron Fists ruled downhive. I heard our gang name was outlawed for good

"….Im a hired gunman Dino, I work for Grimskull." Dax said shaking his head.
"I do want whats owed to me though. I want the creds, turf and respect that was taken from us. Most of all though, I want that Arbites blood….I want to cut his heart out, see if he can finally understand how I feel. Im not planning on making a move on him anytime soon. Im just saying when the time comes I want the boys rallied, locked and loaded.”

Dino and Colt nodded their heads. Their eyes ablaze with fresh hope.
The Stranger looked away from them, sipping his caffeine and pushing back the memory of his brothers death once more. He excused himself and decided on smoking something a little stronger today. His head was still swimming from all the booze and his stomach felt like it was twisting inside out. He headed outside Dino’s holestead to get a bit of fresh air. He laughed at himself. He hadn’t smelled FRESH air in months now. He sat on a empty fuel drum trying to think of what to do first.

He knew Grimskull was definitely up to something big. He remembered the dancer from Ran Lo and wondered how she was involved. Why was a Delaque gang he never heard off trying to kill him? Just how much creds did Jester leave behind?
Damn it. Just too much for one morning. He needed to clear his mind. He thought of the one thing that made him forget everything. He thought of Nadine dancing.

The Stranger was surprised that Dino had hot water for a bath. He washed up quickly and dressed. He, Colt and Dino were going to see if they could convince Hex and Logan to join them. He knew in his heart that Logan wouldn’t hesitate, he was related to the Stranger by blood. Hex was an entirely different story all together. He was Jesters best mate. They grew up together and founded the Iron Fists. Hex spent his days doing odd jobs, pit boxing from time to time and drinking heavily. Dino said he was still sharp as ever, but the pride that all an Orlock has seemed to die when Jester was killed.

Hex lived in a small shack behind a trade post. They banged on the door and shouted for him but he never came to the door.

“ Just were in the hell is he?” Colt fumed.

“ Dunno brother, maybe he’s in one the drinking holes or shooting dice at Mabels.” Dino added.

The Stranger lit a cigar and cracked his knuckles.

“ Hes here, he’s gotta be." He continued, banging on the door." I stake my life on it. Hex! I know you in there! Come out and face your gang like a man…that is if your stones are made of iron. Come out you old washed up hooligan! I’ll knock your teeth out you ugly bastard! I wanna add a couple scars to that twisted face of yours!”

Dino and Colt stared at him in disbelief. No one ever talked to Hex like that. He was known for his zero tolerance when it came to people talking about his apperance. Hundreds of gang fights had left his face with gruesome, criss-crossing scars.

The Stranger spat on the floor and cursed the gods.
“ Come out you filthy little troll! What! You scared of me? You scared to face your fate, your future!”

Everything went quiet. A shadow appeared above the three Orlocks on the ramshackle roof.

“ Go away. I want nothing from you. The past is the past and can never be changed. We live for today no matter what it brings.” The shadow said.

“ Hex…I know how you feel. What about vengeance, justice? What about your pride brother. We owe it to my brother if nothing at all. I didn’t survive countless battles on a thousand planets just to hear you say you care nothing for us. I m going to ask you again, but please, at least face me as my brother and not as a damn ghost lurking in the shadows.” The Stranger said.

“ Fine. I will.” He said.

A short, stocky, muscular man jumped to the ground. He stood up in the dim light, his face a jigsaw of scars. He grimaced at the three men and his eyes were filled with hurt, hate and sorrow.

“ Why is it that you come now Dax? When we needed you the most, you were no where to be found. Why do seek revenge now after all these years? Ha! I don’t even know you anymore, your nothing more than a stranger to me…coward.That’s how I see you as a coward. When the (&#$@!) hit the fan you scampered off, leaving your gang…your family to their fates. So…tell me why in the hell should I help you?”

The three men were taken back by their old comrades words.
The Stranger stepped right in his face and grabbed him by his collar.

“ So we can know that Jester didn’t die for nuthin’, that’s why. And if you cant see eye to eye with that than you’re the coward Hex….not me. If you don’t want to help us than what good are? Go crawl into a bottle of Wildsnake and die…or you can die like an Orlock…with one hand on the trigger and one on a knife hilt.
So, what say you? You game for some blood or did your loyalty for my brother die with him?” The Stranger yelled.

Hex turned his head, his eyes empty beyond words.

“ I just want the pain to end…so please go way.” He threw the Strangers hands off of him and drew his stub gun.

“ I catch any of ya lurkin’ around here yer dead meat ya hear! Dead meat!” He turned his back in slammed the door behind him.

Colt and Dino shook their heads. The Stranger bit his lip and clenched his fists until they bled.
He turned away from the shack and walked away.

Logan was easy to find. He was getting liquored up at a Brassers. They didn’t even have to ask him; he just jumped out of his chair and screamed,” ‘Bout fraggen time mates!”

They drank and talked about finding the rest of the old gang. They told him about Hex and he shook his head and then smiled.

“ He’ll be there when we need him the most, you’ll see. Old dog like Hex can’t fight his instincts forever.” Logan slurred.

" So whats the plan then Dax?" Colt asked.

The Stranger smirked a little and took a swig of his Wildsnake.
" How do you feel about hunting some snakes?"

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over 2 years with out a comment?? come on guys!

another fantastic read, im getting a feel for the gang now. a band of bros... id like to see what you have in mind for hex

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