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No way out

 Post subject: No way out
PostPosted: Fri May 09, 2008 3:22 am 
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"We can take em", said Ermon, staring at his captain with pride filled eyes.

"We're not taking anything except our sorry asses out of here" said Captain Graylen, looking over his gang, or at least what was left of them. What was he thinking, taking the muties on thier own turf, even from this roof's vantage point. He had a clear view of the main street leading into what looked like an old scrap yard, probably choca full of goodies. The mutants wouldn't know what to do with all of it, but he'd bitten of way too much this time, they just kept coming, not caring about getting shot up or anything. Maybe if you end up like that, he reasoned, death would seem a nice reprieve. "They breed like rabbits them buggers, far too many. We've lost five already, and we're not waiting around to lose more, its not worth the pay off".

"They're scared now, look at em" said Ermon pointing to the hunched figures, barely visable from behind the wreck of an old land vehicle. Even with the hive's omnipresent darkness, and gun smoke mists, the ambient light shone dimly upon twisted faces and bony hands, sickly white and palid. Ermon felt a surge of righteous fury. Kill them all, purge the mutant. "We're safe up here, just pull out the long rifle"....

"Damnit" shot Graylen. "The imperium is littered with stories of brave last stands and heroes of the moment, most of witch are forgotten, and you ain't a marine. You serve me. Leave your books and teachings out of reality, no-one cares about you down here, even if you are used to different. You look after your own ass, cause if you dont, it'll get bitten the hell off quick. Men, get ready, we're moving".

Ermon slumped to the floor of the rusted iron roof, his hope shattered. He wanted to serve the Emporer, even after his extrication from the above sector.....for cowardice. He wanted little more than to prove to himself he was worthy. "What of honour, of the emporer?".

"What of him? He's done sod all for me, you wanna give your life for a corpse, go ahead, just give me your creds before you go".

Ermon shook his head, muttering prayers and litanies, to wich he was largly ignored. He felt angered, only three sectors down from his home and he felt alienated. He thought he knew hives, but it really was a different world. Hardly anyone shared his belief's. "Where is your faith Captain?"

"At home in a hefty single malt kid. Dont get all preachy on me, it wont work. You got belief's, I respect that, but life is a different gun fight down here. I know why you were sent down, its happened before.......cowardice right, because the devoted don't deem you worthy. You wanted to be an arbite correct"? Graylen shook his head. "I took you in cause you looked about as at home as a fart in a suit of armour, unwanted. They must teach you all kinds o crap up there, but not to look after yourself.

Ermon frowned, "you are tought how to serve the emporer, bringing his word to unbelievers". .......how did he know so much, he felt his resolve crumbling, but then a though struck him. "If it is too much devotion for you, then why do you aspire to get there?"

Graylen picked up a large haversack, his men all suited up, most of what they owned on thier backs. "Cause its a darn sight better than this forgotten turd pipe, now move kid, or were leaving you behind".

Ermon grabbed his belongings, and stared directly at Graylen, his face a war between acceptance and anger. "Then what do you believe Captain?"

Graylen stared back, his face not betraying any emotion. "I believe in myself. I know enough to stay alive, keep fed and pay my way, and enough to reason that if your all-benevolant god emporer guy was as all-seeing as you claim, then he's got a crappy sense of humour sending you down here. A few pages between two bits of leather wont save you, unless its in place of a gunshot".

Ermon opened his mouth to say that it was not the Emporers will for him to be here, that he was here to find his inner strength, that it was a test, but then realised they were about to be attacked. Looking around, he saw mutants moving in around the building, skulking an hobbling towards the entrance, at least 20 of them, murderous intent on those that bore human expression. No way out, and only one entrance onto the roof, they were stuck. Ermon, looked over the northern edge, five stories up, jumping was out the question, although it might be a better death than bieng shredded by those godless.......

Graylen laughed and then smiled with an expression filled with both humour and irony when Ermon turned to face him. "Thinking of jumping kid? Not so fun when the gribblies get up close and personal is it? all that faith and devotion bottoms out from a hatch in your ass in one smelly lump. Well kid, there's no way out, looks like you'll get your last stand after all. For the Emporer and all that", he said with dark humour. Men, stand fast, we'll bottleneck them at the door. Ermon, trigger, keep an eye on the walls, i've heard some of these buggers can climb.

Thanks for reading, this is an alternate narrative we are doing parrallel to our own for dark heresy. Every so often, perhaps when characters are said to be training or travelling, we use these other guys stuck in a hive to play a role where devotion and social etiquette aren't as paramount as our characters under inquisitorial scrutiny. Its a bit darker/dirtier than investigations and other acolyte tasks, and its a cool perspective to take. My charcter is Graylen, the captain of a small band of rag tags trying to make a cred or six. His goal is to get to higher sectors. He'll tread on toes, but he's not mega evil/selfish. Ermon is another character, a failed arbite who was exiled for cowardice in combat as a trainee, and wishes to redeem himself by hacking as much muties as he can, but has a confidence issue as you may have gathered. Trigger is another, mentioned briefly at the end, he's a gun twokker (as Graylen calls him, wich basically meens he can improve and mess about with guns....and likes them perhaps a little too much, lol). Another is beetrik, who was a scribe sent here as an inquisitorial acolyte to investigate certian mutant activity (I.e, how many of the buggers, and infected areas, and possible resons for mutation), but his inquisitor and retinue dissapeared two weeks ago with no trace. The imperium simply declared it as a KIA situation, but beetrik thinks otherwise. For anyone considering alternate stories, i highly reccomend it, if they are opposing in setting and veiws, to give fresh meaning and perspective to both characters.

What? You think its fanatacism we teach our space marines. HAHAHA. Noooo lad, just ask them what we said the enemy called thier mums!

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