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No man is innocent of the good he does

 Post subject: No man is innocent of the good he does
PostPosted: Fri Jun 06, 2008 8:11 pm 

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The man laid on his back, a large red lumpy pile of sausages covered his abdomen. His hands tried to hold in his intestines. He looked around at the other prisoners for help. Many looked away and ignored him, they had troubles of their own and they couldn't do anything to help the dying man. The fellow prisoners that did glance at his prostrate form frowned, their sunken eyes offering no hope.

The smell of urine, sweat, fear and rotting flesh filled the air like a ghastly human fart. Men moaned, cried and died. Outside the fence of hastily constructed barbed wire and metal watchtowers, the enemy moved with purpose. The enemy was executing prisoners. The enemy was treating their own wounded. The enemy guards walked by and cursed at the prisoners, laughed or indescriminently fired their lasguns into the prisoners. A fellow prisoners hand was sheared off by a lasbolt, his scream peeled through the air. Enemy guards laughed and spat. A ranking enemy soldier came over and chastised the trigger happy soldier. He motioned to another soldier. Suddenly a blaze of promethium erupted on the far side of the camp, men screamed and begged. They thrashed around and flopped on the ground before their flesh burned away. Other guards laughed, 'Now that's how ya do it, not one lasbolt at a time, but in bulk." Surrounding prisoners tried to not draw attention to themselves. One prisoner fell to his knees and wretched. His body shuddered with uncontrollable crying.

The man, growing cold, lay on his back. His head rolled over to look through the wire fence. There, out of a tent, a man walked out. He put his hands on his back and stretched, his bloodstained smock was smeared with a gory painting. He looked at the prisoners and shook his head and froze. His eyes squinted for long moments and he slowly walked over to the fence and bent down, "Jaleb? Jaleb is that you boy? What in the hell are you doing in here?" The man, a boy by the docotrs 225 year perspective, coughed heavy blood. "Doctor, I was in the hab block when the shells started to fall. When the Emporers...when his....his angels of death came, they took everyone as prisoner. A shell exploded nearby on our walk here and...and...." The man passed out.

The doctor called for servitors and had the man brought into the makeshift hospital. The chirugeon operated on the wounded man, removing four feet of his intestines. After three hours of surgery, the doctor had sewn up the wound and saved the patience life. During the surgery, he remembered deliverying the newborn Jaleb into this world 26 years ago.

A few days later, the doctor came to look on his patient. He checked vitals and asked, "Jaleb, how in the Hells did you get in this mess?" Jaleb coughed, "Doctor I was trying to bring food and water to the wounded, be it seeder or loyalist, and the shells came in." The doctor shook his hed sadly and opened his mouth. Suddenly a giant shadow covered his face and standing before him was a man in a dark black coat, with the seal of the Commissariat on his hat. He looked down and asked, "Doctor Hesper, how is your patient?" The doctor stood up and suddenly fell over, his head bored through by the Commissars laspistol. He aimed his pistol at the man lying terrified on the cot, "No aid will be given to the enemy. Traitors will not be tolerated." The man's sheets started to turn yellow, "But, but I'm not a traitor. I was only bring food and water to the wounded. I'm innocent!" The mans voice was teetering on the edge of hysteria. The commissar frowned, "Innocence proves nothing." Kraow!

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