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PostPosted: Fri Jun 06, 2008 9:49 pm 

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General Ibrahim Gaius Herckermer sat in his leather chair. He rubbed the armrests of the chair gingerly, appreciating the worn leather. He looked at the hundred video screens, several covered in glowing runes of information and warning. General Herckermer looked over at the servitor, it's headless body still fidgeting as electrical current passed through wires and nodes stitched into its body. He looked at the screens and sighed, "The Arch-enemy infiltrated us. They used heretical virus' and codes to contaminate our servitors. Foul rites and drugs were used to brainwash our political leaders." The general laughed, indeed the Arch-Enemy's treachery and depravity knew no bounds.

The general lifted a glass of aged amasec. No fear of dereliction of duty now. Ibrahim looked at the Commissar-General's body on the floor. The servitor had killed everyone in the central control room and mutilated Commissar-General's body. The general frowned, the Commissar-General was a good and loyal man. He took another drink and looked at the picture of his wife and children. He couldn't imagine the horrors his family must be suffering at the hands of the...the monsters. He looked away quickly and took another drink of amasec. He let it roll around his gums, the mild cinnamon flavor topped with orange and a hint of tobacco washed over his tastebuds. The main screen lit up with blue warning runes. The Arch-Enemy had gained access to the inner most vaults of the command labrynth. "It won't be long now Darlene, I promise" muttered the general.

The sound of several melta bomb charges reverberateed acoss the command room. The explosions were muffled by the 15 feet of ceramite armor of the doors, but the general knew that eventually the doors would fail and he had no place to run. He looked at the valiant men of the Imperial Guard on the video screens. They had already lost, but didn't know it. They were selling their lives dearly at a great cost to the enemy.
If only the God-Emperor could see his finest servants, their acts of courage and bravery. They were determined not to let this planet fall. If it fell, the naval dockyards of Armethia would fall, and the promethium facilities of Durphal X & XI and then the neighboring agriworlds of Nebraka system. Then there would be famine on the industrial worlds of the nearby systems. A horrible, terrible cascade effect that would weaken the Imperium would happen if the planetary defenses here failed. If only the Battlefleet Mjanar had made it a few hours earlier. Still if the planet fell and they arrived, there was a chance they could stop the enemy. As long as the Arch-enemy didn't turn the orbital defenses on the battlefleet and massacre the relief force on its way down to relieve the beleaguered Imperial Guard.

Suddenly the door glowed a bright pink and red and blew open. Heavy white smoke filled the hallway beyond. Shadows moved, heavy tall shadows. General Ibrahim's mind was immediately filled with vile whispers and dubious promises. His head twitched as if he were trying to ignore some troublesome insect. A large beastly...monster walked into the room, followed by several other power armored traitorous monstrosities. To any other man, the glowing shifting sigils and deamonic faces on the armor would have caused madness, but the general was a hardened veteran of the Imperium.

From deep within the helmet, a heavy voice laughed, "Ah General Ibrahim Gaius Herckermer, the Pit Bull of Dormor, the hero of Phalfor III and the beloved hero of 375,000 Imperial Guardsmen above who are, at this moment, dying uselessly. There is no need for the servants of the Emperor to die so needlessly." The mention of the "Emperor" caused several of the other Chaos Marines to laugh. "Indeed you are a brave man, you haven't begged for forgiveness yet? Are you aware you gaze at Mastica, Butcher of the Hydrapur and Galenor systems! Glory be to the Blood God!" At that the other Chaos marines and traitor IG chanted, "Blood for the Blood God! Blood for the Blood God!"

The general smiled. Mastica pulled off his helmet. His face was a mound of scar tissue, his eyes burned with a reddish balefire. Teeth were filed into razor sharp fangs. "Do you laugh at the servants of Khorne?" The name caused blood to drip from the general's ears. "Kneel before me and I shall end your life quickly and spare your men. You have done more than any that bloated corpse could ask for. Indeed, Khorne would use warriors as yours after a bit of...retraining." The followers of the Dak Powers laughed. The general, concentrating on litanties of faith, coughed, 'You think you have won? You think you are victorious? You're an abomination. The God-Emporer protects. Faith will shield me and defeat you." Mastica laughed, "Fool! I have won! I have control of you command bunker. I will have control of planetary defenses. I will slaughter all those fools for the golory of Khorne. The soft tender flesh of your wife and daughters will cover me as a cloak! You have lost guardsman. You think your faith will protect you!?!" Mastica was practically foaming at the mouth, boiling to a beserker rage. General Ibrahim Gaius Herckermer stood up and straightened his uniform. The blood from his ears left crimson splotches on his shoulders, "My faith will protect me." Mastica stepped forward confident in victory, his daemonic power sword screeching for blood, faces running up and down the shimmering blade. Mastica raised his weapon and General Herckermer smiled and held up his hand, "My faith will protect me and so will this detonator wired to the main fusion reactors." CLICK!

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