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Forever Plus A Day

 Post subject: Forever Plus A Day
PostPosted: Fri Jun 13, 2008 5:24 pm 

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He reached out and stroked her long brown hair. He smiled, her hair was neither silken nor natural, but dyed to cover the ever spreading grey strands. Her eyes were a color undreamed of, a satin green jade that sparkled tanzanite blue in the sunlight. He could feel the warmth of her sweaty skin next to his bare chest. He smiled as she could feel his pulse deep within her, "You're going to be a father." He kissed her gently, "I will love you forever plus a day."

Screaming hot shrapnel slammed into the left side of his carapace armor and helmet. The armor absorbed most of the damage, as did the helmet, but what felt like fist sized Veda-Hornets were stabbing into his left leg. With every stride, the stinging of shrapnel pulsed up his leg and into his spine. Angry dogs barked on the horizon, coughing white hot solid slugs and vomiting green tracer rounds at his running form.

He could smell her perfume as it soaked into his skin. He clenched his hand in hers. Their breathing became one and in unison quickened. Her legs reached around his waist. In her smokey voice she whispered, "Don't go." He kissed her again, "It is my duty. But when I return, I will request assignment on world. Don't worry, I will return to you. I will never leave you. I...I...ugh..."

Kilograms of dirt exploded upwards, the gritty black soil slamming into his eyes. A lasbeam, 20 feet long, slid by his neck so close that it burned away his coat and blistered his neck. The pain of trying to gulp enough air to keep running burned almost as bad as the shrapnel tearing into his legs. Suddenly an exploding sun appeared before him and burned its way into his ribcage. He staggered and fell to his knees, oblivious to the line of exploding stars not 100 meters away. Each star was a rifle spraying a hundred rounds. He staggered out of the barbed wire, his hands bloodied hamburger.

She looked at him, "It's a girl" she moaned between breathes. Sweat rolled off her forehead, her aurora red lipstick smeared. His body arched, seeking release. The bed was damp with perspiration. The moonlight glistened through the shades as the sultry, humid air brought the sounds of singing night birds.

He ran forward, his lasgun blazing the Emperors wrath and Imperial justice. He could see the trenchline of the enemy. His bayonet, leading the pack of ten thousand bayonets, shined red in the rising sun. For one instance he allowed himself hope. Hope of returning, hope of victory, hope of living.

They quenched their love together. Tears welled in her eyes, "You'll not return, you'll forget me. You'll...you'll....you'll be lost on some forsaken world." He smiled and kissed her, "I will return. You'll never escape my love. I will love you forever plus a day."

Flames erupted next to him, the screams of his friends mingled with the battlecry of the army and the enemy. The imperial tanks, their screeching treads and turbine engines, were drowned out by the cry of the enemy being ground under and the engaging of cannons at point blank range. Tank commanders fired heavy stubbers, like dragons of old, issuing death. The enemy exploded on contact with the .50 caliber rounds. He saw the red eyed menace and he knew hate. His heart turned to her as the enemy rose to meet him, "I will return. I will love you.." Grenades exploded around him and he stopped. Three feet of rusted metal tore through his abdomen and his lasgun fired out of reflex. A sick combination of yellow and green combined, lit up his world. The enemy screamed a silent roar of blood lust and joy. The enemy slowly turned sideways as his head hit the ground, "I will return. I will love you forever plus a day. We have...I have a...a...forever plus a day."

She sat sitting on her couch, a soft, pink little baby girl swaddled in a blanket. Tears slowly slid down her cheek. Her eyes drifted to a far off time and fixed on a metal framed picture of an Imperial Guardsman, proud in his uniform, terrible to behold in his bravery and duty. She sniffed and smiled, trying to hold back tears and looked to the kitchen as the sound of metal rattled on porcelain. He limped into the room, unshaven but alive, "Forever plus a day, my love. I will love you forever plus a day."

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 18, 2009 10:46 am 
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It would seem that the author is no longer patrolling the fringe, but if you do i just wanted to let you know that i enjoyed this short story.

Thank you for taking the time to share it. Sorry this was not more constructive

"Always mystify, mislead, and surprise the enemy; and when you strike and overcome him, never let up pursuit." ----- Thomas Jacskon

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