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Cretanis VI, A Beginning

 Post subject: Cretanis VI, A Beginning
PostPosted: Mon Jun 16, 2008 8:07 pm 

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The troop transport Canterbury made the transition point without so much as a shudder. The vibration of the warp engines died down as the nuclear power plants driving the main engines began to spool up. A steady hum of regularity ran through the ship. Internal lights flickered momentarily, but quickly resumed their soft yellowish-white glow. Servitors roamed the decks, checking gauges, doing routine inspections and making non-critical repairs. The bridge was an environment of controlled Chaos. Pilots, system navigators, ship engineers, deck hands and servitors all worked in a symphony of coordinates, calculations and commands while the Captain drank a cup tea, seated in his gilded command chair. Behind him to the left, on a small dais, was a soft leather chair where the Commissar normally sat. In shadow, the empty seat was a reminder that even though the Captain was captain of the ship, the Commissar was captain of Imperial morale.

"....bearing two nine three by seven six six..., "...all decks clear..," "engineering reports .03% variance, within Mester parameters," "...being signaled, sending identification codes in three, two, one, execute...," "...servitor 433 reports energy surge in..." "...astroid in bound, charge port side plasma cannons...," "maintain course with Cruiser Tokugawa..." The captain sighed and smiled; he was truly at home on the bridge. Everything was as it should be. The Captain reviewed the latest sytems report. Without looking up, he asked, "Mr. Fastoon, have you ever been to Cretanis VI?" The Captain's First Officer, Mr. Fastoon, stood like an immovable statue of Imperial elegance. His hair was slicked back, his eyes were intelligent, his naval uniform perfect in every detail and the augments on the left side of his skull hummed quietly. "No Captain, I have not." The captain smiled, knowing full well that Cretanis VI was newly liberated and recently brought back into the Imperial fold. The Captain pressed a small green square on his command chair, "Offer our compliments to the crew of the Cruiser Tokugawa and offer our salutations to orbital defense platform Endor, please." Mr. Fastoon looked at the Captain, "Captain?" The Captain smiled, "I see no reason to hide information such as a fully operationally defense platform from my Fist Officer. If something were to happen to me, who would command the ship Mr. Fastoon?"

The Cruiser Tokugawa veered starboard, as did the Destroyers Valentine and Shepherd. The rest of the convoy slipped slowly through the narrow cordon. The orbital defense platform Endor trained it's guns on the convoy, as Imperial rules of engagement dictated. Once safely through, weapons were powered down. The Cruiser and destroyers set course to roam the pickett in the system. Many Rogue Traders were coming through, undoubtedly trading in illicit cargo, but what was more of a concern were the reports of Eldar pirate ships in the sector. Not two weeks earlier, the Destroyer Lohan engaged a pirate ship, suffering severe damages, but destroying the Eldar ship.

Imperial Guard Captain Samuel Ivanovich stepped onto the bridge, "Permission to enter the bridge Captain." The Captain, smiled, he liked Captain Samuel Ivanovich. The Imperial Guardsman was confident, competent, had the air of command and fully expected to walk onto the bridge, but he had respect for the protocols of the Imperial Navy. Captain Westinghouse nodded, "Indeed Captain Ivanovich. How is your regiment holding up?" Ivanovich accepted a cup of tea offered by a servitor, "With all do respect Captain, my men are ready to get their legs dirtside." Captain Westinghouse sighed, "Ah well, space travel is not for all men. I understand that a company will be set on Cretanis VI while you and the rest of your men will be set on the promethium producing planet of Tophet?" Ivanovich twitched, "Yes Captain. Some men will be set on Cretanis for...security detail while the PDF are being trained. My men and I will be enjoying the lovely weather of Tophet." Both the Captain and first officer laughed, Tophet was a desert planet. The temperatures ranged from below freezing at night to over 120 to 180 in the deep desert during the day.

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