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[Ian - 28 / Jakob - 2] When two paths meet

 Post subject: [Ian - 28 / Jakob - 2] When two paths meet
PostPosted: Thu Feb 04, 2010 11:57 am 
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Here is the next chapter in the on-going tale... i hope you all enjoy it...


Ian looked down into the recovery forge where the fanatics supposedly dragged their captive off to. The floor of the place was only five hundred by three hundred meters. Several grinders and sifters lined the back wall with long dysfunctional conveyor systems branching out like strands of a spider web to various spots on the factory floor. At the end of each conveyor system were a variety forges where the scrap metal or plastics could be melted down so that the various impurities could be removed and the rest shaped into cube ingots to be resold to the various factories uphive that kept Necromunda running.

From each of these stations their also ran a trough across the floor to take and dump the material that could not be recycled, into a central pit two meters square. Around the rim was a walkway with handrails, and on one side an improvised dais.

There were three guards roaming the factory, one on each end of the floor, and the last one was standing on the dais pretending to give some kind of speech.

Without a word Dyrke signaled Ian to stay put and cover them as they advanced. He was to cover the speechmaker and take the shot only if necessary. The wounded heavy, Gelder, would have to stay put with him.

From Ian’s vantage point he had a clear line of site to all three of the Cawdor Redemptionists. It would be a reach for his lasgun to the two on edge of the factory, but he could make it happen if he needed. It all depended on the situation that came up. He watched as Rogers approached the man on his right, Renny the man on the left, while Dyrke took the center. Each man got within three meters of their respective targets. For several moments all three waiting until it was clear, then Dyrke leapt from his position and planted his axe firmly down into the color bone of his target. This signaled the other two to launch their attacks as well. Rogers was a little more subtle as his power sword slipped easily between his target’s shoulder blades and out his chest. The man just looked down dumb founded before collapsing to the ground. Renny drew both of his las pistols and leveled them at the back of his target and pulled the trigger several times. Ian froze solid as his ears perked up for the tell tale sign that the rest of the Redemptionists nearby had become aware of their presence. Dyrke shot a glance over at Renny who just shrugged his shoulders like he didn’t know what they were all worried about.

After several minutes Ian allowed himself to breathe again. From his position Dyrke signaled Ian to reverse his over watch position so that he could watch the approaches from the rear while the rest completed the rescue of their target.

Ian picked up his lasgun and kit and did as he was told. Gelder was fine enough to leave in place. Being out on the edge of the action usually gave Ian the jitters. He did not like to be left flapping out in the breeze. After ten minutes Dyrke was already calling Ian down from his perch. Dyrke wanted him to give the man a once over.

He looked awful. His body-glove was ripped to shreds. What was left of it was indicating that he had been exposed to a liquid form of a nerve agent. Immediately Ian instructed Dyrke, Renny, and Rogers to clean their hands as their suits were showing indications of exposure around their hands and wrists as well. Pulling a few rags out of his med kit bag he wiped the man down as best he could, but his eyes were glazed over (where they glowing blue?), and he was mostly unresponsive to any kind of verbal interaction, but he could follow simple physical guidance. Without knowing how much time they had Dyrke pulled the man to his feet and led him by the arm towards the tunnel leading out of the Redemptionists dome. Ian helped Gelder to his feet and quickly followed, leaving Rogers and Renny to pull up the rear.

The long trip back to the Bifröst was surprisingly uneventful. The half dozen men that wound their way up hive barely turned a head.


As they climbed up the last ladder to their home Ian felt the tension drain out of him. They had been gone a little over a week and all he wanted right now was a hot chem.-shower, a tall glass of water, a decent meal, and to lie in Amber’s arms; in that order. With the help of Renny, Ian dropped both Gelder and the guy they had rescued onto two of the tables in the Steel Spider’s medical bay. Looking around he noticed that Amber was not around.

At least her gear is still here,” Ian thought to himself.

Gelder was pretty stable. Just a change of dressings and he should be ok. The wound had penetrated deep into his abdomen, but it looked like he would recover well enough. The kid they had rescued he was not as sure about.

Ian had made sure that all of the chemical crap had been cleaned off of him and he had been given a new body glove just as soon as it was possible, but there was still something not right with the kid. All the way back the kid rolled his eyes into the back of his head and babbled on about having to find it. Some lost book or some other nonsense. He had seen people delirious on some form of chem., or another, but this was different. The Van Saar suit was no longer showing any indication of foreign chemicals in his system, and when his eyes rolled back they would glow a soft blue. When that happened the hairs on the back of Ian’s neck would stand up.

He had never seen one, but this had ‘Wyrd’ written all over it. The roving priests from the Redemptionists cult like the ones they had just rescued this kid from, would love nothing more than to get their hands on this one. Ian was sure the Enforcers would also like to know about it. But he had felt sorry for the kid. There did not seem to be anything wrong with him… besides, the blue light could have been from his own exposure to the chemicals he had handled while tending to the kid. Yeah, that was it,

“Just chems playing with my head” Ian told himself. Once he made sure his new patients were comfortable he gathered up his hygiene kit and headed for the showers.

"Always mystify, mislead, and surprise the enemy; and when you strike and overcome him, never let up pursuit." ----- Thomas Jacskon

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