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The Lone Hunter

 Post subject: The Lone Hunter
PostPosted: Thu Mar 04, 2010 12:19 pm 
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Officer of the Watch
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Nothing but mist stirred in the depths of the great, dark forest. This was a night when shadows walked and the living, overawed by the silence, did not stir from their places of slumber. A steely, blue light, reflected from the massive primary moon onto the planet, shone from every object not sheltered from it in the lee of the hills and trees. The mist itself, sometimes barely a couple of feet off the ground, in other places encompassing entire swaths of land, glowed with an ethereal light, roiling softly like some lethargic ocean, it’s many currents oozing and eddying thickly around trees and rocky outcrops.

Amongst the arboreal mass, from the dark side of a sloping, rocky outcrop rising, at its apex, to around fifty metres high, it’s triangular shadow a dark slice in the shimmering woods, emerged a dark, lean shape. Bright, gimlet eyes gleamed where the light of the moon caught them, and the coarse hair was matted with fur. Misted breath spiralled away into the night sky. The wolf turned to look about him, knowing that his brothers were far away, that the pack was split, that he was alone. That he must do all he could to survive without them, until they reunited. That he was free, the wolf, the king of the night, ruling alone in the calm, quiet moonlight.

Loren Birclaw kissed the wolf’s tooth amulet hung round his neck and a long, canine-filled grin creased his face.

That's the first part of my story about a Space Wolves Wolf Scout, I realise that the sentences are very wordy, but I quite enjoy structuring my writing in this way. More to some very intermittently.

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"Razor-toothed Reptilid misses you!"And I miss Razor-toothed Reptilid!

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