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The Travails of Techgang

 Post subject: The Travails of Techgang
PostPosted: Mon Aug 02, 2010 7:18 am 
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The ongoing saga of Techgang, my Van Saar gangers. (sorry no pictures for the moment)
The first battle is against the Space Mutineers (inside joke for fans of MST3000), my brothers Orlock gang.

Ethrid van Flubble, self proclaimed High Lord of the Hive, was feeling more like a low born sump dweller at the moment. Things were not going well. Even with the recent additions to his retinue, he could still not see a way forward. He drifted back in revere to the events of the past few days.

Everything was well planned for the attack on the Space Mutineers, a rival hive gang supported by the ancient enemies of the Techgang, House Orlock. Thier leader, Gristle McThornbody, and two of his cronies had been carousing all night at the Chicken Stick, a popular watering hole in East Talb. After Bumblebee, a hired gun that van Flubble had found through his contacts at the casino, had signaled the vulnerability of the three Mutineers, van Flubble and the rest of the gang had wasted no time in setting up an ambush. That is when things started going ploin shaped.
The initial attack went well, with van Flubble, Aiado Lee, Hippo Gunwald, and “No Face” Fargo taking the low ground, while Bumblebee, Che Allejandros, and the new girl, Aeon Cheller, provided cover from an overlooking hive spill. Harmony Ender, Davin Feldner, and the other Juve, Flexon Niter, were working their way through the secret system of ductwork and cooling tunnels that Flexon had stumbled upon after the last hivequake. The Space Mutineers and their leader were quickly confronted, spilling out the back of the Chicken Stick, stumbling a bit with drunkenness as they went. Everyone knew that the Second Best they served there was closer to Snakebite that any of the other local brews, but the Mutineers had apparently decided they were safe in their command of the locals. A few minutes later, van Flubble and the rest of Techgang found out why, as four of their members appeared behind Allejandros, while two others took up position on the south of the Chicken Stick, probably using a similar system to the one that Niter and the others where currently rushing towards the battle through. As they set up a Heavy Stubber to give covering fire to their boss, van Flubble could feel the situation slipping through his fingers.
Bumblebee made short work of one of the gangers that were coming up behind her and the precariously positioned fire support on the hive spill, gunning him down in a hail of bolts. Apparently no one had taught her fire discipline in her bragged about time with the Spiders, as both her guns clicked empty seconds later. Allejandros lit up the remaining group with the gang’s prize possession, a Geller pattern plasma gun, sending the remaining gangers to ground, with the exception of their impulsive juve who charged forward firing an Autopistol. He was met with fire from Cheller and a loud buzzing noise from Bumblebee, as she charged forward with a wicked monoknife raised high.
Van Flubble caught a garbled transmission from the group accompanying Niter,
“chrrzzz…….heavy fire…ftzzzt...they…bztt....coming, need bac…chhhht…NOW!”
Niter was pinned by heavy fire from the ground as well as the south. He jumped over a low wall to take cover as Ender disappeared of the side of the promontory they had appeared atop. The Space Mutineers must have known they were coming, as they started taking fire as soon as they appeared. Feldner had popped his head up to toss a frag grenade, but was to slow, taking some ricochet from the incoming fire, which forced him back into cover. The grenade had detonated with a muffled CRUMP as Niter jumped back into the hole they had emerged from. He was unable to reach any of the other gangers, and bugged out.
Things were going no better for van Flubble and the rest, as Bumblebee went down in a flurry of blows from the defending gangers. Allejandros tried desperately to cover both East and South. He though he had taken out one of the gangers manning the Heavy Stubber, but could not be sure. The fire from their position had hardly diminished.
Aeon was proving her worth, keeping the gangers to the South down. The Bug Out signal came over the vox and Allejandros took the opportunity to pull Aeon back, savoring the feel of the girl ganger.
As Techgang trickled back into the homestead with their tails between their legs, van Flubble took a head count. Bumblebee was missing, as was Ender. Feldner had taken shrapnel from his botched grenade throw, and would be laid up for weeks, perhaps permanently. The only bit of good news so far was that Niter has stumbled across one of the rival ganger on the trek back. The Space Mutineer (his nameplate said Fist Rockbone) had taken quite a beating, with wounds to the legs and chest. Niter found him at the bottom of a hive spill, apparently left behind in the chaos of the Mutineers retreat.

Next, the Space Mutineers attempt a rescue of their captured compatriot, Fist Rockbone. Thanks to some bad rolls (and decisions) on my part they are highly successful.

As the rest of Techgang went out to work their respective territories, Feldner recuperated on a dirty cot at the homestead. He was racked by plague dreams, reliving his time in the Necromunda PDF.
Shells crashed all around him. Basic Trooper Davin Feldner had never been outside the Hive before. The novelty soon wore off, as the oppressive heat and constant wearing of a rebreather severely taxed his hiver system. They had been fighting the rebels for a few weeks, and had been rolling over their positions for the entire time. Felner was beginning to believe the Commissar when he said they would all be home for Founder’s Day.
Their current situation gave the lie to the Commissar’s words. As the regiment had moved into a low canyon, a few hundred clicks south of the Hive Proper, they started taking heavy shelling. They rebels were rumored to be hiding out here, and from the explosions all around him, Feldner figured the scouts were right. What he couldn’t figure was where they had gotten the heavy artillery. It would have taken at least a Basilisk to turn the command vehicle he was currently cowering behind into the slag heap it now resembled. Another shell bust nearby, throwing mud and body parts high over Feldner’s sanctuary. He felt something hot sting between his shoulder blades. This was not how it was supposed to go…….
Feldner shot upright in the cot as he realized the explosion that reverberated through his head was not part of the dream. He crawled painfully to the porthole just in time to see the Space Mutineers burning donuts in the courtyard, disdainful of any pursuit as they cruised into the distance on modified scout bikes. It looked like the boss was going to get more bad news when he got back.

After this disaster, I tried to get some back with another Gang Fight.

Even the money that Ethrid had been able to extort from that dirty greaser, Jugliano, could not cool his mood. The Space Mutineers were mocking him, sneaking in to his homestead when he was away to free their captured fellow. They would have to pay for this affront. Ethrid van Flubble would not suffer this indignity lightly.
Techgang caught up with the Space Mutineers in the jumble of slag heaps and hive falls that made up West Tabl. Van Flubble deployed the gang in a tight formation of overlapping fire. He could see some of the Mutineers in the distance to the south, and congratulated himself on his quick action. His smile turned to a frown as two of them emerged from an overhanging drain pipe, dropping to the ground and readying their weapons. Before he could even register what was happening, van Flubble was thrown to the ground by the explosion of a frag grenade.
As the ringing in his ears cleared, he raised his head just in time to see one of the rival gangers go down in a bust of plasma. Ethrid knew that Allejandros would have to wait for the Geller’s ancient capacitors to charge before he could get another shot in. In the meantime, the two Juves had charged recklessly into close combat. They proved no match for the more experienced gangers, quickly falling before them. With an unearthly scream that Ethrid had never heard before, he charged into the fray.
“No face” had received his name from his odd proclivity to never remove the gas mask that all of Techgang wore. As he watched the forlorn charge of his leader, he made a decision. It was time for someone better to lead. “No Face” drew a bead between the shoulder blades of van Flubble and let lose with a quick burst from his autogun.
“They got him!” he yelled into the general vox network built into his mask.
“Those sons of the warp took out the boss”
The ganger that van Flubble had been grappling with was quickly obliterated in a burst of fire from Lee and Gunwald.
Rallying the remaining members of Techgang, Fargo led them South toward the escaping leader of the Space Mutineers. He should have just kept his head down, as the Heavy Stubber located at a crucial choke point to the South opened up, taking him in the side. Gunwald panicked and ran for cover as Lee tried to salvage something from the situation, providing the covering fire needed for Allejandros and the others to melt back into the surrounding hive.
As Allejandros dragged Ethrid back to the homestead, he related what he had seen in the time since van Flubble had gone down. Cleary, “No Face” would have to be dealt with.
“What’s good, boss?” Fargo said as the entered the low building where van Flubble was recuperating. As his eyes adjusted to the light he registered the laspistol in Ethrid’s hand. “Wait, boss it was an acci…..”
The rest of Fargo’s sentence was cut off. The laser entered his face just above the right cheek. The intense heat of the laspistols discharge caused his face to blow outwards as the laser cooked off the moisture contained within.

As you can read, that went no better than the first two. Oh well. Techgang had no time to morn, as my sister's Goliath gang, the Cherub Tits (do not ask me) were also itching for a fight.

“Just our luck” thought Allejandros. Not a week had gone by since their run in with the Space Mutineers, and already some of the weaker gangs were vying for supremacy. The latest challengers, the Cherub Tits, were spaced across the crumbling stacks of East Tabl, presenting tempting targets. Gunwald and Allejandros were currently sneaking around to the North, in an attempt to claim the high ground there. Van Flubble, Lee, Cheller, and the new recruits, Hope Allay, and Nav Raas, crouched in the rubble to the south, taking up firing positions in the wide defile. Once again, Niter, Feldner, and “Faceless” Fargo were sneaking through the vent system in order to gain an advantageous position.
As the battle was joined, van Flubble felt better than he had in weeks, perhaps months. The gang seemed to be finally coming together. Now he only had to worry about Niter performing as he had been asked.
Flexon Niter was bidding his time. He remembered the boss telling him to make sure “Faceless” Fargo never made it to the battlefield. “Faceless” had shown up a couple of days ago, claiming to be “No Face” Fargo’s brother, hot for revenge on the gang that murdered his kin. Flexon was not sure why, but the boss had taken an instant dislike to the new blood. He found out the next day, as van Flubble called him into his courtroom.
“The hive gangs are beginning to arise. There are rumors of the Delaques sending agents down hive, and those bastard Space Mutineers have convinced Jugliano that they can provide better protection than us.”
Van Flubble continued. “I do not trust this latest addition to our fold. Where did he come from? Is he an agent of one of the other gangs?” van Flubble started to pace. When he got like this, Techgang knew enough to let him continue uninterrupted.
Apparently Allejandros had missed that memo, or maybe he just figured he had known the boss long enough that he could get away with it.
“Best to just get rid of him then, eh?” he interrupted.
“Hmm, what is that you say? Get rid of?” van Flubble suddenly shook with fevor. “I have it! We must lance this boil from within out midsts. Niter! Ah there you are boy. I have a special task for you.”
The leader of Techgang leaned in close to impart his secret instruction. “This new Fargo may indeed actually be the brother of out lamented comrade, yet we cannot take that chance. When next you venture into the airy heights, I will make sure he accompanies you. I am confident that your knowledge of the dangers and safeties of those regions will allow you to ensure his demise.”
The boss was looking at Niter expectantly. “You mean you want I should make sure he don’t walk back with the rest of us?” Sometimes Niter had trouble making sense of whatever language the boss was speaking.
“Precisely my boy! I knew you where one of the smart ones. We will make a respectable ganger out of you yet.”
In any case Niter had not yet found a way to ensure a nasty slip for this latest Fargo, and he could hear the bangs and yells of the fight coming closer with every second.
Aeon Cheller had seen better days, twin bolts from the leader of the Cherub Tits, T&A, had slammed her to the ground as soon as she broke cover. Luckily, the flak armor that Allejandros had insisted she wore had taken the brunt of the blow. Currently she was hiding in a narrow sump spill just below the other gang. Las shots and grenades whistled and popped over head. If she could just catch her breath, she would be alright.
Allejandros and Gunwald gained the high ground at the same time. The Gellar let loose with a reverberating whine as super heated gases left the venting chamber. The lower growl of the charging capacitors told Gunwald that he would be providing covering fire. Momentarily distracted by the weapon’s firing, Gunwald missed the female ganger climbing toward their position. No such luck was with Allejandros, as he went down to a scattering of autopistol shots, tumbling from view behind the crest of the hive spill he and Gunwald had previously claimed. Hippo’s aim was true a moment later as he downed the ganger throwing Bolter fire in the direction of his fellows below. The female Goliath that had been closing on their position broke cover to fire up at Hippo. That was all the opportunity that Gunwald needed. The grizzled PDF veteran took careful aim and dropped the would-be with a single shot. Turning back toward the battle, Gunwald was shocked to see the beefy Goliath he had hammered ealier manning his bolter once again, and sent some more rounds his way.
“Faceless” broke out into the relative light of the dome, quickly spotting the opposing gang. The Cherub Tits had similar perceptive skills, as the sent a hail of mixed bolts and autogun rounds slamming into his body, throwing his from his high perch.
“Guess I won’t have to worry about that accident after all” thought Niter. Seconds later he was only thinking of how to survive as the entire gangway he had been pinned upon broke from the dome wall, sending himself and Feldner plummeting toward the floor. The old man hit the floor with a loud thump, but looked like he might be able to get up again. Niter was in no position to help. Even with the extra instruction from that lithe stripper at the Groveling Suitor, he had managed to sprain both this ankles, and was pretty sure his arm was broken. The last thing Niter saw as consciousness left him was the rival boss going down to combined fire from van Flubble and Gunwald.
Van Flubble sent a contemptuous bolt round into the mid section of the ganger charging toward him. Even though a youngster, she was easily the size of the largest of Techgang. The Goliaths may not breed smart, but they breed big. That bastard with the Bolt Gun was back up again. No matter how many bullets he took, he would not seem to stay down. The new guns, Naas and Allay had already proven their worth, downing a couple of the rival gangers. Allay had taken some heavy fire and was currently cowering in a small culvert toward the West.
“It is time this was ended” thought van Flubble. Raising his bolt pistol he drew a bead on the rival gang leader’s center of mass. A loud crack accompanied the woosh of the bolt round as it traveled toward its target. With a percussive crump/splat both shots found their place in T&A’s stomach, crumpling the matriarch like a discarded fungi wrapper. With the rival leader downed, van Flubble took quick stock of the situation. About half of each gang was wounded or dying, and it looked like more blood would be spilt if things continued. With a sigh of regret, van Flubble signaled the Bug Out.

Next up for the beat fest is my dad's Deleque gang, which is untitled at the moment.

“Why am I always the one crawling through (&#$@!)?” thought Flexon Niter. Van Flubble had tasked him and two others; the new guy, Nav Raas, and the old man, Davin Feldner; with taking up advanced positions for the upcoming battle with the Deleque. Determined to prove to the boss he could out stealth the spymasters, Niter had eagerly agreed. That was before he saw the proposed ingress route, strait though the upper hive’s effluent runoff. The old man had bowed out gracelessly after that, claiming his old battle wounds were acting up, preventing him from taking part in the fight.

Niter wondered why the boss had not just put a bolt in him and ended the misery right there. He had heard that they were old war buddies or some such. What war ever happened here he was unsure of, but blood was still thicker than water after all. Niter was pulled from his thoughts by the sounds of battle and the soft light ahead.
Van Flubble was angry. This was becoming all too common, these low-born wretches thought to usurp his rightful claim to supremacy. Waking to find a challenge pinned to the door of his sleeping quarters was no way for a Lord to great the morning. The abandoned tank manufacturium sprawled into the dark recesses of the dome, any one of which could hide a traitorous Deleque. Van Flubble checked his weapons and signaled the rest of Techgang forward.
With a thunderous crash the battle was begun. One of the Deleques had lost his footing, and now laid a crumpled mass at the bottom of one of the work cranes.
“So much for stealth mastery” thought Gunwald, taking up a position over looking the battlefield. He remembered his own near brush with death a month or so earlier with a grin. The hive was not a place for the loose footed. Looking down the iron sights of his trusty autogun, Gunwald readied himself to make good on his “Shooter” nickname. The Deleques were advancing from the West, moving from cover to cover, never exposing more than a hand or foot. After several unsuccessful shots, Hippo Gunwald decided to find a better shooting stand. Calling for his spotter, Hope Allay, to follow, he moved deeper into the shadows.
Niter and Raas found themselves between the two gangs, badly exposed on top of a half finished Salamander ARV. Niter immediately dove for cover, but Raas was too slow, taking a shot in the back from the Deleque with the boomstick. Niter had no time to check his companion, as he could see the Deleques working their way toward them with blood in their eyes. Luckily Rass did not seem to be too bad off, as he stumbled into cover beside Flexon.
“Armor took the worst of it” commented Nav as he slumped into a loose firing position. “Good job the boss found that armorer last time he went uphive.”
“Bad job he put a bullet though him after depleting his stock” replied Niter.
Aeon Cheller had seen Raas go down to the Deleque’s shotgun fire. She could not see whether or not he had gotten back up again. All she knew was that the shooter and another Deleque with a strangely painted face, were circling around the Salamander she had seen Niter jump behind. Cautiously advancing into a range she was sure she could get a hit at, Cheller took careful aim and drilled the Deleque between the shoulder blades. He did not look to be getting up anytime soon.
“Come on, Lee, we got to get to them before the Deleque’s” she shouted as she charged toward the ganger with the strangely painted face, eager to get stuck in.
“Who the sump is this Juve to be giving orders?” thought Lee. Still, he could not argue with her marksmanship, or her resolve. Not wanting to get shown up by a mere child, he followed her into the fray. He needn’t have worried about the girl. After all, she was wearing the same ballistic armor he was, much like the kind he had worn in his days in the PDF.
“Shooter sends his love” Lee heard over the earphone, as the Deleque that was about to plaster Aeon took a shot to the chest.
“Showoff” he thought.
“Get the fruck over here!” Flexon yelled at Cheller. She had become the gang medic after her (very) short stay with the Sisters Hospitaler had come to the boss’s attention. Nav Raas was in a bad way, bleeding profusely from several fist sized holes in his torso. Niter had tried to get him to keep his head down after his lucky break against the Deleque’s shoty, but, still eager to prove himself, he had done what any FNG would do and exposed himself to fire in order to get a shot.
“Bet he thinks better of that next time” Flexon thought to himself.
Cheller slid to a stop behind the Salamander, already beginning to lay out the gang’s meager assortment of medical supplies. Lee joined them seconds later.
“Did you see that?” he asked breathlessly. “Zot! Right in the face. Stupid looking face at that.”
The three cowering behind the Salamander nodded no as one.
“I am sure it was beautiful Lee” coughed out Raas. “But we are kind of occupied at the moment.”
“Well fruck you too then!” replied Lee.
Sensing blood, the Deleque’s were moving in to finish off the cut off portion of Ethrid van Flubble’s gang.
“This will not stand” he thought. “All points, full assault!” he shouted into the mike affixed to the front of his collar.
“Wonder what that is supposed to mean?” commented Hippo “Shooter” Gunwald to no-one in particular. “Still I suppose we can lend a few shots their way.”
Hope Allay only grunted, occupied as she was with the Deleque in her sights. With a short sigh, she sent her deadly laser toward the unfortunate ganger, dropping him like a rag.
“Nicely done” said Gunwald. “you may work out yet.”
Ethrid van Flubble could not believe the shear audacity of the rival gang leader. He was standing atop a half buried Leman Russ with a gun in each hand, shouting orders to the Deleques scrambling below. With half his gang bleeding out on the manufactorium floor, Ethrid was not sure what he had to shout at, but full marks for trying he supposed.
“This is the end of you, Snake!” Ethrid shouted, sending bolt after bolt at the exposed leader. One, or more, found its mark, throwing the pale skinned warrior off of his perch.
With their leader down, the fight seemed to go out of the Deleques, as they realized the precariousness of their situation. Seemingly as one, they turned and fled.
“Haha! The day is ours Allejandros! Look how they scurry like the rats they are” van Flubble exclaimed as he nudged his second in command in the ribs.
“We should probably check the wounded, Boss” Che replied.
“No need, my friend. Cheller reports that the situation is well in hand. Better to scour the field for spoils. Come on.”
Scour they did, turning up a discarded autogun, as well as the hapless ganger whose unsure footing had tipped the whole thing off. Allay and Gunwald came trotting up, leading a dazed looking ganger with “Bad Muther” written on his tabard. Not a bad haul for Techgang.

Ya! I finally won one. Capturing two of his gangers is pure frosting. What does the future hold for Techgang? Stay tuned.

Damn, a somewhat successful rescue was made.
Hippo Gunwald looked over the railing of his perch high above Techgang’s mean shanty. The prisoner was dozing in his containment unit. He had put up little to no resistance since being captured two days ago.
“He must know something we don’t” thought Gunwald. “Or maybe he is just more confident in the loyalty of his buddies than any ganger has a right to be.”
Hippo thought back to the last exchange he had had with his spotter, Hope Allay. She had been going on and on about how the boss was slipping and maybe it was time for new leadership. Hippo hoped she would not do anything stupid, as he had taking a bit of a liking to the hard boiled girl ganger. She certainly could handle herself in a fight.
“Radio check” came in over the com-bead that all of Techgang wore somewhere on their person.
That was Goesheapa, the bounty hunter the boss had hired for the last few weeks.
“Check out” he replied.
Gunwald did not trust the former Ratskin. After all, if he was willing to hunt his own people, what loyalty would a few hundred credits buy? Things were getting a bit too complicated for the old PDFer. He had never liked political intrigue. It was most likely the reason he had never advanced beyond Corporal. A crackling over the com broke his reverie.
“Movement to the North” it was Goesheapa again.
The boss had left the pair of them on guard duty while he and the others worked the territories and went into town for supplies.
“Where? I don’t see anything” replied Hippo.
“That’s because you do not have the eyesight of a hunter” came back in a static laced voice.
Gunwald resisted replying to the jibe, and instead focused more intently on the rocky outcrops to the North.
“OK, now I see them. I make three, wait, four figures moving in under cover” he voiced quietly into the com-bead. “If you have a shot, take it.”
The falling darkness was lit by the blinding flash of a Hot-shot Lasgun, temporarily blinded the grizzled vet.
“Whata recruit trick to pull” thought Gunwald. He should have know better than to look directly at the discharge.
Seconds later, the twilight was lit up by the return fire from a couple of Autoguns, and what looked like a Flamer. Stupid of the enemy to waste promethium like that, but if it decreased Gunwald’s chances of getting fried, he was all for it.
“You still there mighty Hunter?” Gunwald voiced over the com. The only reply was a high pitched whine. Either the Bounty Hunter had been fragged, or maybe just the com-bead had been melted. In any case, it was time to let the rival gang know that he was not alone. Gunwald lined up the Delaque leader in his sights and slowly squeezed the trigger. He was rewarded with a loud grunt from the one they called “Snake” Hagen. “Snake” fell to the ground with a further whine, and did not rise again. That serves the idiot right for sticking his head out of cover. Gunwald quickly scanned the rest of the battlefield.
A Delaque was trying to clear his Autogun in the shadows of the accumulated rubble, while his buddy with the Flamer provided cover with short spurts from the weapon. Gunwald took a few pot shots at them, but did not think he had hit anything. His fire was joined by Shotgun shells from the building Goesheapa had been sheltering in. Apparently it would take more than a bit of BBQ to take out the aloof Ratskin. This was going fairly well. The Deleques where pinned in the rubble, their leader was down, and Gunwald could just make out the rest of Techgang approaching from the South. Once they arrived, the Delaques would not stand a chance, particularly with the additions the boss had been hinting at hiring.
The new hired hand, Killer Bee, along with Flexon and Feldner, were rounding the building Gunwald perched atop, firing as they went. Gunwald was not sure what they were shooting at, but assumed it was the remaining Delaque. He must have snuck around to the containment pen while Gunwald and Goesheapa were preoccupied with the others. A few seconds later, his suspicions were confirmed, as the containment pen shattered under the blast from what must have been a Krak Grenade. The freed ganger and his savior had little time to celebrate. With the containment pen shattered they no longer had cover from the approaching members of Techgang.
Gunwald could see three more of his compatriots approaching from the South. It looked to be Stinga Bee, Allejandros, and Lee. The Delaques had no hope now. As the recently freed captive and his rescuer fled back toward enemy lines, Goesheapa let one of them have it with a shotgun shell, just as Killer Bee nailed the other in the back with twin Bolt rounds.
“Ha, them Delaques are in for it now” thought Gunwald. “No way out of this one.”
He could not have been more wrong, as Smoke Grenades arched out from where “Snake” and his compatriots where hiding. Despite being pursued by the Bounty Hunter, whom the smoke did not seem to affect, the Delaque got away clean.

And one of my gangers got too uppity for her own good. Luckily, Gunwald remained loyal.

Ethrid van Flubble was traveling back from the trade post, laden with his latest acquisitions, a couple more pairs of Flak Armor, as well as a Hot-shot pack for a Shotgun, when he felt a strange tingling between his shoulder blades. He hesitated for a moment before rounding the corner in front of him. The hesitation most likely saved his life. An angry red lance of energy cut though the darkness where he would have rounded the corner, and Ethrid threw himself to the decking, scattering his treasures. Unlimbering his Boltgun, Ethrid called into the darkness ahead.
“Show yourself curr! Or are you too scarred of a fair fight?”
“Nothing doing, ‘boss” came the mocking reply.
It sounded like Hope Allay, but that could not be right. She was supposed to be working the Slag heaps downhive with the others.
“Your ineptitude ends tonight” came out of the darkness, as another bright spear of energy lanced from ahead. “I have had enough of your half baked scheming.”
“Fruck this!” thought Ethrid. He was confident in his own abilities, and charged blindly into a hail of fire, feeling the heat of a laser burn over his left shoulder. Within seconds, he had closed the distance with the absurd assassin. A brief scuffle ensued, with knives flashing in the anemic light from the autolumin high above. As Ethrid’s knife entered the belly of his assailant, he saw there face at last. It was Allay after all.
“She must have been sniffing fungus if she thought she could take me out” he thought to himself.
Bending down over the girl ganger, Ethrid roughly sawed her ring and pinky finger from her left hand. After all, she would not need whole hand for whatever work the slavers found for her. Quickly firing a couple of Bolt rounds into the air to warn off any would be scavengers, Ethrid gathered his spoils and hurried back to the homestead.

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