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Story of my Ratskins Chapter 1

 Post subject: Story of my Ratskins Chapter 1
PostPosted: Tue Aug 16, 2011 7:44 pm 

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The stagnant, recycled air blew warm over the man’s back. His scabbard itched his bare back as he wandered towards the encampment. He crouched low, moving from a stalagmite to a shrivelled husk of a tree. He peered through a fork in the tree, gazing onto the campsite, he recognised the Scavvies as the ones who had attacked his village. The tall man with broad shoulders and a scraggly tuft of hair on his head, slowly prowled around the camp, he loosened his Sword, and checked the ammo on his Autopistol. ‘ Oi Skabbz, come getcha rat stew’ one of the Scavvies yelled. The man turned his head to the side, detecting movement as the rather large Scavvie he could only assume was Skabbz shuffled towards the camp.

Meanwhile, the man had crept around and moved slowly towards the Scavvies. He drew his sword and pistol, before briefly aiming at the tall one’s head. He squeezed the trigger and let out a hail of fire, while charging with his sword. The bullets rattled into Skabbz head and before he had even hit the ground he was dead.

With the element of surprise lost, the rat skin covered man charged. He swung his sword at the Scavvies leg, it tore through flesh and slammed into bone. Before the Scavvie could bring to bear what exactly had happened he was missing a leg. He reached for his blunderbuss which lay beside him. But before he made could reach it the man stuck his sword through the mutants hand.

‘Tell me where you took my tribesmen’ The man ordered. ‘I aint telling you nuffing, you Ratskin scum!’. The man twisted the sword in the mutants hand. ‘Tell me!’ He bellowed, as he severed the mutants hand. ‘Okay! Just don’t kill me! He cried. In the darkness of the campfire, the mutant told Chieftain Long-Shadow of the Qualii tribe everything he knew.

(Note: I did some last minute editing, tell me of any mistakes)

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