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The Asmodian

 Post subject: The Asmodian
PostPosted: Fri May 18, 2012 6:00 am 
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So I play a lot of Aion; pvp mostly. My character Alita was one of the most feared rifting twinks on my server, and notorious for ruthlessly ganking everyone I could. After considerable outcry from the community, I wrote a bit of fan fiction to describe my opinion of my experiences... enjoy. ^^


I first noticed the Asmodian as I crested the ridge. I was running silently as a whisper with Patamor Thicket sprawled out before me. The floor of the mushroom forest was brimming with small foul creatures withering in pools of fetid water, and insects loudly buzzing and bustling about. The air was thick with spores and the stench of mold. It was dark, even for this sunless world, and a cold breeze chilled the deep hued night.

It was in the decaying fungus and slime that the Asmodian was, it's misshapen body hunched over behind a rotting tree stump. The drab and tattered rags it had garbed it's bestial form in fluttered in the wind.

As I drew close I shifted the weight of the battle worn spear slung over my shoulder, moving carefully between the rocks to avoid being seen. My curiosity peaked as I approached. What could this sunless fiend be doing?

I caught a glimpse. There, in the filth, was a straggly weed only barely growing. How anything could survive in this rotting waste is unimaginable, but the Asmodian was tenderly picking each strand and carefully placing them into a worn sack.

The beast was gleefully unaware of my presence as it collected the precious plant. What foul ritual was this herb used in? Some blasphemous alchemical solution or rudimentary poison?

No time to ponder the Asmodian's intentions. I was almost upon it. All I knew was that I had to act before it's nefarious plans could come to fruition. I unslung the spear from my back, the solid adamantium haft cold in my hands. My muscles surged as I hurtled across the blasted landscape.

The Asmodian noticed me now and turned to face me.

What a magnificent sight I must have been! Gleaming gold armor shining in the moonlight as I raised my weapon to strike. This pathetic creature could only know one thing; fear of my divine righteousness!

My first blow struck true, inflicting a massive wound and sending the asmodean's misshapen form sprawling to the ground. I could see it better now, it was female, roughly my own age and stature. It dropped the sack of herbs it had been so intent on collecting, contents spilling onto the ground, and raised it's twisted claws over it's haggled tear strewn face.

"No, please!", it spoke in elyssian tongue. What insolence! How dare this foul being soil the language of the chosen people!

By Aion's glory, I could not suffer this beast to live. My second strike drove the tip of my spear deep into the shadow cursed's abdomen while it lay prone. It let out a frantic scream and scrambled to it's feet in a desperate attempt to escape. It had only managed a few paces before the next thrust of my spear struck the beast squarely in the back and thus ended the asmodean's miserable life.

My rage sedated, I dislodged my weapon from the corpse and wiped the blood off using the mane of the falled Asmodian. Without a second thought I slung my spear over my shoulder and once again took stride across the wasteland. It is not my place to ponder such things. I am tasked by the noble Lady Ariel to kill asmodians and I will pursue this task ruthlessly. I will not rest until the asmodian blight is extinguished from the face of Atreia!


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