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JT Kirk of the Imperial Navy

 Post subject: JT Kirk of the Imperial Navy
PostPosted: Thu Jun 09, 2005 1:05 am 
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Special rules and point values for the Imperial Navy's most infamous captain.


The Kirk, Captain in the Imperial Navy (87 points)

4 6 6 4 4 3 6 3 10

Wargear: In keeping with the martial traditions of his era, the Kirk carries a phase-laser (see below) and wears no armor. He may be equipped with up to 3 wargear cards one of which must be the Golden Shirt.

Imperial Agent: The Kirk is an imperial agent, he may be purchased as an ally by any Marine or Imperial Guard Army.

Special Rules: Dodge, the Kirk is extraordinarily athletic, he may dodge any attack on 4+.

Animal Magnetism: the Kirk has strange powers over members of the opposite sex. Any female model in hand to hand combat with him must make a Ld test on 2d6. If she fails then she is overcome by the Kirk's Animal Magnetism and may roll no attack dice this turn.

Teleportation: JT Kirk's ship the "Imperious Maximus-Blood Enterprize of Death!", has powerful teleporters built into it. The Kirk may be teleported into battle, although his points value increases by 50%

Double Fisted Punch: In hand to hand, The Kirk can trade in his additional attacks for one Double fisted punch. If it hits, it acts as double his str for damage. Highly effective for knocking out unarmored foes, those with armour get their full armour save benefits.

0-1 Squads of Red Shirts (8 points per model)

The "Red Shirts" are modeled after the old security forces aboard Kirk's ship. They are dressed in black boots and trousers and wear blood red tunics, decorated with the arrow symbol of Kirk.

4 3 3 3 3 1 3 1 7

Wargear: Red Shirts are armed with federation phase-lasers. Their martial tradition forbids the use of armor or other obvious protection. They may not carry additional wargear.

Squads: there are 5 to 20 models in a squad.

Look out Sir!: All Red Shirts are fanatically loyal to the Kirk and will die before they allow him to come to harm. As long as there is red shirt within 4" of Kirk, the model is assumed to push Kirk out of the way of any threat, taking the hit himself. Thus Kirk cannot be wounded or harmed as long as there is a living red shirt within 4".

Teleportation: "Imperious Maximus-Blood Enterprise of Death!", has powerful teleporters built into it. Red shirts may be teleported into battle, although their point value increases by 50%

New Wargear

Phase Lasers

Phase lasers (often called phasers) are ancient, versatile weapons used exclusively by the Kirk and his red shirts. A phaser is about the size of a pistol and may be used in close combat. On their highest setting, they emit powerful light beams capable of disintegrating matter. Although they are also equipped with "stun" setting, these have not been used since the Kirk joined the Imperium.

SR LR Str Dmg Save Armor Special
0-8 (+2) 8-16 5 1 -3 2d6+5 Close combat

The Golden Shirt (Wargear Card, JT Kirk only) 5 points

The golden shirt is woven from a rare substance that springs from the "plot device". It has the ability to absorb incredible amounts of punishment without harm coming to the wearer. The first time an attack succeeds in wounding Kirk, the shirt will absorb the hit and a rip will appear around Kirk's shoulder. After the first hit, the shirt has no affect.


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