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Battlereport: Dark Angels vs Tyranids 1500 pts. Turn 3 Nids
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Author:  Shadowseer [ Sun Jan 01, 2017 2:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Battlereport: Dark Angels vs Tyranids 1500 pts. Turn 3 Nids

Alas! I return to bring you a new inspiring battlereport from the glorious depths that is 2nd edition. Though time went by my usual opponent and I seem to stay true to our tradition of at least 1 game per year...

This time however not the vile servants of Chaos would assault the adamant defenders of mankind, instead the all-consuming Hive Mind would put to the test the prowess of humanity's most sincere and stalwart defenders: The descendants of the first legion of the emperor's Space Marines, the Dark Angels.

Dark Angel Armylist 1500 pts.


Master of Ravenwing - 290 pts.
Powerfield, Psicannon, Ravenwing Landspeeder, Tough Armour, Turbo, Ejector Seats

Chief Librarian - 326 pts.
Terminator Armour with Tunderhammer & Stormshield, Psychic Hood, Force Rod, Aegis Suit, Bionic Leg

Apothecary - 50 pts.
Combiweapon (Bolter/Melta)

Techmarine - 46 pts.
Combiweapon (Bolter/Plasma), Scanner, Targeter


Deathwing Terminator Squad - 396 pts.
Assault Cannon, 2x Lightning Claws, Vet. Sergeant, Conversion Field

Ravenwing Landspeeder - 195 pts.


Dreadnought - 197 pts.
Assault Cannon, Lightning Claw & Hvy Flamer

Total: 1500 pts.

Before we began to play I told my opponent this would be a a list tough as a nail, part of my 2000 pts. lists of old when playing against Tyranids. And certified by the Tyranid-player of old as Tyranid-proof.
The idea behind the list is obvious: As many Assault Cannons as you can get to destroy even fully biomorphed Tyranid individuals, combined with a hard anvil (Dreadnought, Librarian and Deathwing) and a hard to hit, hard hitting and very mobile hammer (Master of Ravenwing, Ravenwing Landspeeder).

Unfortunately my opponent did not leave me his armylist this time, so it may taske some time before I can submit his list here, so please be patient with me...

Author:  Shadowseer [ Mon Jan 02, 2017 6:47 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Battlereport: Dark Angels vs Tyranids 1500 pts.

Well, he may not have left me the list, but he immediately sent it to me. Thus I can present you with the forces of the Hive Mind:

Tyranid Armylist 1500 pts.


Hive Tyrant - 351 pts.
Venom Cannon, 2x Bonesword, Voltage Field, Sharpened Claws, Regeneration, all 4 Tyranid Psi Powers

Liktor - 136 pts.

Zoantrophe - 120 pts.


3x Tyranid Warrior - 262 pts.
3x Voltage Field, Venom Cannon, 2x Devourer

6x Genestealer - 168 pts.

9x Hormagaunts - 72 pts.

9x Hormagaunts - 72 pts.

6x Termagaunts - 42 pts.
6x harpoons (whatever they are called)


Carnifex - 224 pts.
Voltage Field, Sharpened Claws

Biovore - 50 pts.
3x Spore Mines

Total: 1497 pts.

Those field saves would give me something to gnaw on. I missed Gargoyles in the list to give me even more headaches and imho the list is too much dependant on its big guns. On the other hand this adds to its versatility...

Author:  Lutscha [ Tue Jan 03, 2017 7:28 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Battlereport: Dark Angels vs Tyranids 1500 pts.

Well, skimmers aren't nice for Tyranids but maybe the shootiness of hist list can compensate.

Which Warp Flux rules do you use? 2d6? If you allow more than that, the Zoanthropes become increasingly effective due to their high BS.

I don't like Regeneration on a HT though and if he uses 2 Swords, I'd rather not take a heavy weapon and focus on Voltage Field, Sharpened Claws and Venom Sacs since only Doombreed is stronger in melee than such a HT (mainly due to his Rod of Khorne).

Btw I never quite understood the rules for Regeneration, do you roll once for all wounds to see if the model gets back up? Thats more or less a 4+ save for an atrocius amount of points.

Author:  Shadowseer [ Tue Jan 03, 2017 10:21 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Battlereport: Dark Angels vs Tyranids 1500 pts.

For the skimmers we used the german rules, so they could be attacked in HtH when hovering or flying at low speed. To make them unhittable by melee orientated armies as in the RAW is imho too strong.

We did use 1d6 per psyker, so there were 3d6 to begin with, dwindling down with each loss. Usually though, we play 2d6 and reduce to 1d6 when there is only one psyker left on the board.

It seems to me my opponent wanted the Hive Tyrant to be able to act in any possible role: melee monster, supportive hvy gunner, psyker etc., maybe he should have decided on which role he wanted his Hive Tyrant to be...

Regeneration is very powerful. You roll for every single wound each Tyranid turn, even if the score is already negative. For every wound below 0 it recieves a token. Then in its own turn it throws a die for every single wound token. On a 4+ the token is cancelled. If after throwing dice there are as many or more token than the wounds characteristic of the individual it is dead. Unfortunately there is no mention about victory points, but since even if below 0 the individual is not dead or destroyed one can hardly claim VPs for it.

Some Tyranid individuals equipped with it are literally immortal. A Carnifex would need at least to recieve over 20 (!) wounds from the start in order to make sure he dies, 10 to make him fall and then you still need 10 wound tokens in his next turn, so he dies, with him having a 50% chance of cancelling any wound token.
I have never taken out one of those monsters, not even with Assault Cannons or a bunch of characters with Thunderhammers and other deadly melee weaponry after they were down.

Author:  Lutscha [ Tue Jan 03, 2017 12:26 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Battlereport: Dark Angels vs Tyranids 1500 pts.

I always read it wrong, I thought you need more wounds restored than still have tokens remaining, not that you just need to be in a plus (habing at least 1+ wound), but imo, Voltage Field and Adrenaline Sacs are the way to go for Carnifexes. Imo the tyranids have enough tools against SM skimmers, Eldar would be another matter, although the Falcon/Fire Prism hast the rules you use as a heavy skimmer (Zoanthropes, Biovores, Gargoyles, and even Strangle Webs + Warriors and the HT). I would even think, that regular Land Speeders are equal if not better than Ravewing against nids with their loadout an much lower costs. An AC also sucks against Carnifexes, though a Multi Melta isn't much better if at all.

Taking psykers is always risky against Tyranids due to Psychic Scream, though the Librarians can mitigate via Librarian powers.

Ejector Seats are from a CJ I suppose?

In general, I think Ravenwing are one of the strongest if not the strongest SM army. Btw, Imo the special rules for Tactical Squads make them very viable as a choice (CJ 25).

Author:  Shadowseer [ Sun Jan 08, 2017 9:59 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Battlereport: Dark Angels vs Tyranids 1500 pts.

So here are finally the first pics of the battlefield:


Sideview. Just ignore the Deathwing and the dreadnought for now, the army set up is coming below. DAs would take left side, Tyras right.

The netherside (DA left, Tyras right).

The river would reduce movement to 1/4 in the darker parts and to 1/2 in the lighter parts around the well.


The missions in this battle. "Ambush"on the left/green for the Tyranids and "guerilla war" on the right/blue for the Dark Angels. (Not too sure about the english names of the missions, though. So please correct me)

There did not happen much on the Tyranid events chart, only the dreadnought would arrive late at the start of his 2nd turn.

My strategy cards were "brilliant strategy" (as if I had needed that one!) and "battle speech". (Again I'm not sure about the english names...)

Author:  chickenbane [ Sat Jan 14, 2017 1:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Battlereport: Dark Angels vs Tyranids 1500 pts. Update!

So glad you've played your annual game! The table looks excellent!

Author:  Shadowseer [ Sun Jan 15, 2017 4:38 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Battlereport: Dark Angels vs Tyranids 1500 pts. Army set

Tyranid army setup:

With brilliant strategy there was no chance fort the Tyranids to win the strategy roll, so they had to set up first.
On their right flank near the river the Hive Tyrant ducked into the ruined corner of a concrete wall, long forgotten. In front of him his bodyguard, a Carnifex, lurked behind a formation of solid rock. To his left Terma- and Hormagaunts strode eagerly forward through the light foliage. Behind them near the stonebridge followed the Genestealers.
On the nether side oft he bridge cowered the Biovore, ready to spit thrice death at the fleshlings.
The left flank was led by a trio of Tyranid Warriors equipped with long range weapons. They were accompanied by the Zoanthrope to further maximise their deadly potential, and the second swarm of Hormagaunts.


The right flank of the Tyranid setup.


Rearview of the Tyranid left flank in the direction of the Deathwing's position across the river.

Author:  Shadowseer [ Tue Jan 17, 2017 7:42 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Battlereport: Dark Angels vs Tyranids 1500 pts. Army set

Dark Angel army setup:

The Deathwing, ready to take the brunt of the Tyranids‘ forces, had taken a vanguard-position behind the crater near the steelbridge. To the right the Techmarine took cover behind the bridge’s railing. To their rear the Apothecary and the Chief Librarian waited for the signal to advance.
The right flank of the Dark Angels was held by the Ravenwing, the Master on the right followed by the Ravenwing Landspeeder and its crew a little left of him. The task for the Ravenwing was straight, but not easy: destroy the Tyranid long range weaponry on the right and flank their advancing forces to establish a killzone in front of the Deathwing with overlapping fields of fire.

Then the Hive Mind drew its first surprise out of the sleeve. In the very crater right in front of the Deathwing the Marines noted a blurry motion. The lifeform readings from the Techmarine‘s scanner identified the threat as a Lictor. Now their position, ment to supply them with cover from which to decimate the oncoming swarm, could be a trap of claws and fangs itself.


The left flank of the DarkAngels is totally surprised by the Lictor.


The right flank deserves the name "fast attack"...


Overview of the setup of both sides, lacking most of the Tyranids' left side forces and with a delayed dreadnought on the top right corner.

Now, the battle is about to begin...

Author:  Shadowseer [ Sun Jan 22, 2017 1:02 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Battlereport: Dark Angels vs Tyranids 1500 pts. Turn 1 D

Turn 1

Dark Angels:

Tactic #1 against Tyranid xenos beasts is to disrupt their psychical link to the swarm fleet. Therefore synaptical creatures are to be eliminated first. Tactic #2 is to eliminate their long range weaponry and by thus dividing them further without the ability to support their advance.

But these are but hollow doctrines when a 3 meter tall Lictor with giant mantislike claws is only inches from your position and you do not have even a single grenade to clear the crater in front of you.


The order from the Deathwing Sergeant was repeated in every vox-reciever of the small Marine host. The reaction was sparse as only 3 Terminators shifted their position, the brothers equipped with close combat weapons screening their brethren, who were to decimate the swarming xenos with bolt and shell, from any danger within the crater.

The Ravenwing Landspeeder accelerated leaving a small cloud of dust behind.

++Target lock acquired, ready to enga... Incoming fire!++

A hail of living ammunition flew over and below the Dark Angel vehicle, then the characteristic crack of a Venom Cannon to the right could be heard over the battlefield. The Landspeeder was shaken in an explosion of small acidic splinters and the gunner fell upon his controls instantly dead. It was the xenos who had taken first blood.

As a response the Master of the Ravenwing steered his Landspeeder even farther right behind the big rock formation to gain more cover while bringing the Tyranid Warriors and the Zoanthrope into his field of fire.

++Open fire! Target long range support.++

3 Assault Cannons on different positions on the battlefield began to rotate and spit hot lead into Tyranid creatures. The Ravenwing Landspeeder slew the Biovore with its first burst. Then the Deathwing Sergeant opened upon the Tyranid Warriors across the bridge and the fence. The bulky creatures were shelled and shrieked, but a sudden crackle of electricity around them prevented every single fired shell to strike home.
Then the Master of Ravenwing aimed at the trio of xenos monsters. After another electrical storm had passed over them, 2 of them lay dead on the ground, the 3rd swinging its Venom Cannon around. The Gunner next to the Master of Ravenwing pulled the trigger of his Heavy Bolter and ripped through the Hormagaunt swarm killing 5 of the smaller creatures.
The remaining brothers of the Deathwing fired their Stormbolters at the Termagaunts, the only eligible target in range, and brought low 2 of them.

After dust and debris from the Space Marines barrage had set, the Chief Librarian probed the winds of the immaterium, which seemed weak this day (3d6 only confered to 4 cards). The Chief Librarian knowing the imminent danger of the Lictor prepared himself for the inevitable clash in melee that would soon follow and cast Qickening on himself.
On the other side of the battlefield the Zoanthrope focussed the warp energies to a blast on the Master of Ravenwing. But the Master of Ravenwing knew his craft and due to his maneuvers, the deadly energies passed harmless by.

The Tyranids had paid dearly for the killing of the Ravenwing Landspeeder Gunner. However neither their long range weaponry nor the synaptic creatures on their left flank were entirely wiped out and still posed a serious threat.


The Deathwing moves into firing positions, while the Lightning clawed Terminators shield their comrades. The Assault Cannon inflicts several hits on the Tyranid Warriors, but not a single shell penetrates their Voltage Fields.


The overwatch fire from the Tyranid Warriors kills the Ravenwing Landspeeder's Gunner, but fails to hit the vehicle itself.


After the second Assault Cannon barrage only the Tyranid with the Venom Cannon remains next to the Zoanthrope, while the swarm of Hormagaunts is reduced to under half their number.


The last to fall to the Dark Angels fire are the unfortunate 2 Termagaunts, which happen to stand as a meat-shield in the first row.

Author:  Shadowseer [ Thu Jan 26, 2017 4:17 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Battlereport: Dark Angels vs Tyranids 1500 pts. Turn 1 D

Turn 1


With a scream of rage the Lictor jumped at one of the clawed Deathwing Terminators, to see which claws would proove supreme.
The Zoanthrope rushed into the crater on the far left flank, followed closely behind by the remnants of the Hormagaunt swarm.
The sole surviving Tyranid Warrior turned his Venom Cannon at the Master of Ravenwing’s Landspeeder.
All while the bulk of smaller creatures, Terma-, Hormagaunts and Genestealers moved forward like an unebbing tide, the Hive Tyrant and his bodyguard, the Screamer Killer, stayed behind and hidden to wait for the right moment to strike.

With despisable easyness the Lictor brought down his mantislike claws upon the Deathwing Terminator, whose tactical dreadnought armour could not prevent him from being hewn to pieces in mere seconds. The victorious momentum bore the Tyranid creature further into melee range of the next brother of the Deathwing. If not stopped soon it would chop up the whole of the squad and probably more.

The Tyranid Warrior fired the Venom Cannon, but its lethal ammunition flew far off the target.
On the other side of the battlefield the swarm of Termagaunts shot their harpoonlike bioweapons at the Terminators, but either failed to hit or penetrate the bulk of their armour.

A strong warp-current imbued the psi-attuned creatures on the plain with considerable power. Invigorated as such the Zoanthrope blasted away with full force upon the Master of Ravenwing, when suddenly a crack and sparkling light around a slit of pure blackness tore at the very fabric of reality. Then a giant, horned silhouette, almost human in appearance, but with four arms of which two bore claws instead of hands, stepped out of the rupture and pointed with a finger on the Zoanthrope.
With a scream of defiance and an effort of will, that strained it’s abilities to the limit, the Zoanthrope banished the Chaos apparition back to the warp, whence it came.

The Chief Librarian tried to eliminate the threat of the Lictor and cast Smite upon it, but was denied by the Hive Tyrant. The rest of the energies the Chief Librarian stored in his Force Rod as the warp started to ebb away again.


The Lictor brings down one of the valiant defenders of mankind.


The Master of Ravenwing evades all fire directed at him by the Tyranids.


A Keeper of Secrets demanding the price for the powers of the warp.

Author:  Shadowseer [ Sat Feb 04, 2017 9:39 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Battlereport: Dark Angels vs Tyranids 1500 pts. Turn 2 D

Turn 2

Dark Angels:

++Senex antiquus reporting for duty. Primary target aquired. In the name of the Lion!++

The vox crackled as the bulky shape of the Dreadnought finally reached the battlefield. Immediately analysing the situation, the grizzled Space Marine veteran didn’t hesitate for a second when a battle brother was in need of help, instead he charged the Lictor alongside the Chief Librarian, who had come to the same conclusion of what of the Xenos force was the primary threat in this moment.

The Apothecary changed his position, but remained behind the main line of the Space Marines, while the Techmarine stepped onto the bridge in order to give support to the right flank, should the Hormagaunts try to close in from yonder side of the river.

++Stay clear from the Xenos‘ line of fire.++

++Roger that. Breaking off for cover.++

The Ravenwing Landspeeder turned sharpely to the right flank and the pilot led his vehicle over the remnants of an Imperial shuttle, where he would be save from any volleys the Hive Tyrant or his Bodyguard could possibly shoot in his direction. The pilot needed the time to clear his Assault Cannon and then take another angle of approach.

The Master of Ravenwing sped his Landspeeder behind the gate-like rock-formation in eager confidence his crewman and he himself would bring down any threats left on this side of the battlefield.

The Assault Cannon on the Master of Ravenwing’s Landspeeder spat hot death at the last Tyranid Warrior, which was ripped apart by the solid shells. The Heavy Bolter swiveled to the right and a hail of bolts punched through the Warpfield of the Zoanthrope, the sentient creature exploding in a cloud of acidic blood and horn.

On the other side of the river the typical rattling of a Stormbolter marked the end 2 more Termagaunts, leaving a single creature of the swarm behind.

At the summit of the crater-rim the Chief Librarian commenced the engagement with the Lictor trading blows, but in the end he had to rely on his Stormshield for protection from the wrath of the Tyranid creature.
As the Lictor towered above him to deliver the coup de grace, a mighty arm of steel crested with blue lightning punched into the breast of the Xenos, the tips of the Lightning Claw protruding from the beasts back next to its spine. The Lictor screamed out a the last time as its frame was lifted up and then with a twist of his arm the Dreadnought cast his opponent down, where it came finally to rest in the middle of the crater.
The Space Marine machine followed down to enhance its position.

++Position cleared.++

Having recovered from the Lictor’s attacks, the Chief Librarian focussed his wrath and tried to swat some Genestealers and a Hormagaunt. But he was probably still out of concentration and no further losses to the Tyranids were administered. On the contrary the Hormagaunt seemed to be invogorated by surviving the psychic assault ( my opponent rolled snake eyes).

Feeling the weakness of the Chief Librarian the Hive Tyrant forced him into a mind war, but the alien beast had underestimated the adamantine resolve of its foe and its Hypnotic Gaze was torn from its cerebral chords.


The fast attack detachment of the Dark Angels move into cover from the Hive Tyrant and his Bodyguard. The Master of Ravenwing fells the last Tyranid Warrior.


His Gunner takes down the Zoanthrope.


The Dark Angel Dreadnought terminates the threat from the Lictor for once and for all.

Author:  Lutscha [ Sun Feb 26, 2017 5:01 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Battlereport: Dark Angels vs Tyranids 1500 pts. Turn 2 D

Update! :chaingun :fullauto :onguard

Author:  legiocustodes [ Fri Apr 14, 2017 11:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Battlereport: Dark Angels vs Tyranids 1500 pts. Turn 2 D

Really nice battle report and really lovely old models! Perfect!!!

Author:  Shadowseer [ Mon May 01, 2017 1:55 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Battlereport: Dark Angels vs Tyranids 1500 pts. Turn 2 D

Be ready for an update! The furious finale is at last to arrive soon.

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