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Inquisitor Range Types revealed?

 Post subject: Inquisitor Range Types revealed?
PostPosted: Thu Apr 26, 2007 10:36 am 
Unctuous Toady
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One thing about Inquisitor that I have always found to be less than handy is the Range Types given to all weapons. Its a workable system for detailing the differences in the accuracy of different weapons, but getting to the point where the different letters make sense to you will take a long time.

Has anyone ever written short descriptions for what the different range types represent? For instance...

A = Extremely short range weapons (ie - hold-out pistols, derrinders, etc)
B = Long range weapons with dramatically decreasing accuracy at range (ie - a scaly's spear gun)
C = Long range highly accurate weapon (ie - sniper rifle)
etc etc.

Or better yet, has anyone ever greated a diagram or illustration of how what the weapon ranges look like in comparison to each other? That would be really informative for folks trying to learn the system (or folks just curious to see what distinctions the rules make for different weapons - like me).


Venator wrote:
The game designers themselves know these values are not realistic and they do not intend them to replace or invalidate the fluff. So let's get on with our lives and not fixate over the cosmic ramifications of game mechanics which we already know are streamlined for larger forces at the expense of detail.

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PostPosted: Tue May 29, 2007 9:59 am 

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frankly i dont think the the ranges are supposed to be memorable. you just keep a sheet handy.

i DO know that F is the best for pistols, and H is the best for snipers.

after that, i'm just as confused as you.

just remember. F = good short range, H = good long range. and as most of the game is short range anyway, you'll be wanting F if you're after a "win".
other than that? keep a GM on hand. tie him to a chair and force him to remember all those stats for you, and dont feed him if he forgets or messes up :lol: j/k

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