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PostPosted: Thu May 31, 2007 12:05 pm 
Master of Arms
Master of Arms
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i like the 54mm models (i've only got 4, little bro has a dozen or more). But take this as an example: someone has spent £18 (or whatever they cost now) on a Space Marine, of course they're going to want to use it every game. Using 28mm means you can choose your characters from a much wider cast (so to speak) without bankrupting yourself. And you have a broader choice of settings (we have a heap of necromunda terrain, plus some WHFB and LotR stuff, all scaled for 28mm).

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 01, 2007 12:11 am 

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that the exact reason why i like 28mm. the bigger scenes are easy to do without spending a couple of grand :lol:

however i'd still reccommend 54mm stuff for some of the smaller scenes.
and frankly? i'm not one for space marines. true, they arent over powered. but you have to think of a REALLY good reason to have one turn up in a game rather than just "oh... i'm a space marine of the [whatever] chapter. i just decided to turn up for the hell of it"
yeeaaaaa.... i believe you... :lol:
see my point?
dont get me wrong, i have a marine lying around somewhere as well. but would i use it in a normal game of =][= ? not really. not unless i had a supremely good reason (and paint job!) to include him.
as a not on scenery, 40k trees, train set trees, hills, CoD terrain, imex robogear terrain, 40k ruins, and other such stuff works just fine at 54mm. looks pretty cool actually.
any other 54mm terrain takes about as much work as something for 40k, if you're building it yourself out of whatever's to hand.
the two ranges are actually more interchangeable than you might think.
heck, i've used a necro scale knife from the weapon sprue, as a combat knife for a guardswoman mini i built in =][= scale.
i've used old style 2nd ed type bolters as bolt pistols for some characters. the pistol that the guy from the 40kBFM box set was carrying? i added a bolter clip, and it makes another servicable bolt pistol for one of my chars.
a dwarf crossbow? brilliant use as a handbow.
one of those big elven giant crossbow thingies? (the name escapes me right this second, but they're know as scorpions in age of empires2) those can be used as a bow in 54mm.
and there's probably loads of other stuff i missed. frankly the only limit is wallet funds and imagination.

gotta say tho, i'm itching to do a 28mm campaign involving lots and lot of plague zombies :twisted:

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