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PostPosted: Sun Nov 01, 2009 11:49 am 

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Hello, well I decided before i entered the Royal Canadian Navy, i would get into more and focus instead of my Imperial Guard Army focus on the Imperial Battle Fleet.

Now i haven't really learned the rules but, i wanted to ask a few things, i talked to the guys at GW Winnipeg, but I wanted to hear another opinion.

Currently what i have is
One Armageddon Class Battlecruiser
One Mars Class Battlecruiser
One Dauntless Class Lance Configuration Light Cruiser
Three Falchion Class Escort Frigates

as well on the way i have another box set of two cruisers, another Dauntless light cruiser, and 3 Cobra Class Destroyers.

Given how the a small understand of the rules first, i wanted to ask a few quesitons,

should i go Lance heavy weapon heavy or torp heavy, personally i think i want to go lance heavy, seeing as i want to get an Apocalypse class Battleship because... damn, it looks beautiful.

But really i wanted to know what everyone in this community, which i would be happy to join if that is ok... but to ask what everyones opinions are.

so 1.) what do people prefer, and
2.) what should i go with my other 2 cruisers on the way, i still cant decide what i want to make them

I thank you for reading this.

Battle Fleet Omega

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