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What arc dose the gun fire?
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BFG help

 Post subject: BFG help
PostPosted: Thu Apr 29, 2010 8:53 am 
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so I got my hands on fanatic magazine #7 and it has the rogue trader ship in it now I want to include it in my upcoming games but I have noticed some errors in its listing like the Port guns fire ark being on the right side and starboard guns firing on the left (port is left starboard is right)
Now it also has a prow mounted weapons battery with only a frontal arc now do you think that could be an error too? Most other cruiser class ships that have this, have a L\F\R firing arc instead of just a frontal firing arc.
I don’t mind it just seems to me that is could be a typo being a low strength gun that cannot be combined with any other guns.

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