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Random Options: Good or Bad?

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PostPosted: Sat Jun 30, 2007 5:11 pm 
Master Gunner
Master Gunner

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Randomness in army selection seems a bad idea, as it forces players to potentially need units they don't have, or not be able to use units they have spent a long time building/painting.

Random unit behaviour (when known about during army selection), effects, and battlefield events can be great, as long as they don't completely take the potential for strategy away from players.
Assuming you're making a strategy game of course :)

I'm one of the few that liked the strategy cards and mission cards of the immortal 2nd edition. As I've said before, we never saw the strategy cards as uber elite win strokes, just something to take or leave based on the situation presenting itself (or to spice things up). And the mission cards, allowing you to be on a bonus points agenda without your opponent knowing what you're up to (while having one of their own), and trying to prevent it...that concept always impressed me. We found it worked and had a lot of fun with it. To each their own I guess. I don't think using them is at all related to a lack of creativity though; any more than using any other part of the rules, rather than designing your own game from scratch.

The fun vs competitive argument is a long running one, with contenders of equal merit on each side. I imagine our diminished focus on the competitive side (something reserved for campaigns with special rules) allowed us to enjoy the random/fun stuff more, rather than being annoyed by them preventing us winning. :roll:

More people cry about 2nd ed. 40k than actually played it. Don't YOU be fooled:

"Sort of like back in 2nd where you would face a space wolves army with 20 wolf guard terminators mostly with assault cannons or cyclone missle launchers. Or how 2nd for alot of people boiled down to cramming as much into ur character and vehicle allowances as possible while filling ur minimum troops requirements."

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