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The Stat Line is Mandatory!

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 15, 2006 2:20 pm 
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In the Necromunda section Auzure wrote:
Zip Line
The underhive is full of guide-wires, power cables, and other various strings and cords crawling across the sky. Daring (and foolhardy) gangers can use this to their tactical advantage, or (as may be more likely) fall horribly to their death.

To use a zip line, place two counters on the board, one at a higher level than the other. Any model who begins its turn in base contact with the higher counter may slide to the lower counter as its turn. If he passes an initiative test when he lands, he may make a 2" follow-up move.

In addition, measure the distance traveled: for every 8" traveled, roll a d6--on the roll of a 1, the fighter loses his grip and falls. Also, if he is shot (by a model on overwatch), he must take a strength and initiative check, or fall. All falls deal damage as if the ganger fell from the highest point.

Only one fighter may use a zip-line per turn.

The zip line is a good example of why you need a large number of descriptive stats. Many games don't have a separate Strength stat or anything like an Initiative stat.

Having stats for things like Strength, Toughness and Initiative do a lot to define the abilities of a miniature even though they might not play a huge part in many games. Some games for instance only worry about the minimum number of stats to work out combat. In systems were damage is always cause by the weapon used then miniature's often lack like things like strength stats. This is something to be avoided to my mind.


Venator wrote:
The game designers themselves know these values are not realistic and they do not intend them to replace or invalidate the fluff. So let's get on with our lives and not fixate over the cosmic ramifications of game mechanics which we already know are streamlined for larger forces at the expense of detail.

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