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Bommerz WiP

 Post subject: Bommerz WiP
PostPosted: Fri Oct 19, 2007 8:14 am 
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Bommerz is a game of aerial combat in the 41st millennium. It is a rewrite of a flying game I wrote when I was 13. Originally an "elaboration" of Andy Chambers' Bommerz over da sulphur river, it evolved into something more like a very simplified BFG. The game is intended to be very quick and simple, the rules are easy to remember, games focus on dogfights, bombing raids and anti-aircraft fire.

You will need-
Epic scaled Fliers
Epic scaled Anti-aircraft units (models or counters)
Gaming table
Speed counters marked from 1-6/ different D6s
“Winged” Counters
Ruler/measuring stick marked in inches
Scatter die, smoke Counters (optional)

Game Synopsis
Games proceed on a turn by turn basis, the fliers with the highest speed move first. During their movement fliers may make attacks against other fliers or ground units, using a variety of weapons. Ground units with anti-aircraft capability may make attacks against fliers when they come into range. Ground units with movement capability are moved last.

Explanation of profile stats for aerial and ground units and weaponry. Some of these stats function identically for both types of unit, but they have been split into air and ground for simplicity.

ACs- Aerial Combatants
M/S- Movement & Speed- the distance in inches an AC moves in a turn. The random part of the stat determines the AC’s speed, used for resolving bomb and flak attacks, as well as turn order.
T- Turns- the number of 45 degree turns an AC may make each Aerial Combat phase (see Movement)
Fs- Fighter skill- modifier when attacking aerial targets (Df: 0)
Bs- Bomber skill- modifier when attacking ground targets (Df: 0)
D- Damage- the number of hits an AC can sustain before being “winged.” Subsequent hits will destroy the AC. (Df: 1)
Ar- Armour- d6 value to be equalled or beaten to inflict a hit on an AC
Special- any special skills or abilities the AC or pilot may have

Weapon stats- There are three basic classes of weapons on ACs: Cannon, Missiles and Bombs. For each weapon present on an AC there is a:
R- Range: how far a flier can make an attack with this weapon
A- Arc: in which directions (relative to its vector) an AC can make attacks with this weapon
H- Hits: How many hits this weapon inflicts on a target
AM- Armour Modifier: the amount which hits by this weapon modify the target’s Armour roll (Df: 0)
Cap- Capacity: The first number is the amount of Missiles and/or Bombs an AC carries. Once these are used up no more attacks may be made (unless the AC re-arms, as discussed later). The second number is the number that can be launched a turn N/A for Cannon.
Notes- Any special rules that apply to the weapon


Ground units
M- Movement- The distance in inches a ground unit may move per turn
FLs- Flak skill- modifier to flak attacks (Df: 0)
D- Damage- the number of hits a ground unit can sustain before being destroyed (Df: 1)
Ar- Armour- the d6 value to be equalled or beaten to inflict a hit on a ground unit
Special- any special skills or abilities the Ground Unit may have

Weapon Stats-
R- Range: how far a ground unit may make an attack
A- Arc: in which directions (relative to the direction it is facing) a ground unit can make attacks with this weapon
H- Hits: How many hits this weapon inflicts on a target
AM- Armour Modifier: the amount which hits by this weapon modify the target’s Armour roll (Df: o)
Notes- Any special rules that apply to the weapon


Default stats- Many stat values are so common that including them in every stat. line is not necessary. When a stat is not included on a profile use the default stat. (Df) example: the default value of Bs is 0, so if a flyer has no Bs stat included in its profile, it is 0.


Turn Sequence

1- Deployment/Reinforcement phase- All available units are deployed (1st turn), and reinforcements are placed on the board (subsequent turns). (See Scenarios)
2- Determine AC Speed- Determine that turn’s speed for each AC on the board (see Movement).
3- Aerial combat phase- Move all ACs, the AC with the highest Speed moving first (an AC tailing another is an exception to this rule, see Tailing). Resolve all attacks as they occur (see Attacks and Damage).
4- Ground Phase- Move any Ground units. If both/all players have ground units, the player who went first in the Aerial Combat phase moves all theirs first. Resolve all Flak Attacks as they occur (see Attacks and Damage)
5- Reload Phase- Any ACs who returned to base to reload and/or repair may move to the next stage of readiness (see Returning to base)



Determining Speed

Part of each AC’s M/S stat is a number of D6. To determine an AC’s speed for that turn, roll the appropriate number of D6 and pick one (assuming the stat is higher than 1). Speed affects how difficult it is to hit targets. A fast moving AC will be less accurate while making ground attacks, but is less likely to be hit by flak, cannon or missiles. And vice versa, a slow AC is more likely to hit a ground target but is also more susceptible to flak etc.
The AC with the highest Speed moves and attacks first. In the result of a tie, each player rolls a D6 to determine priority. The higher roller may choose. Then the next highest speed and so on, down to the lowest.
NB- Stalling If for any reason an AC’s speed is 0 (for example rolling double 1s while “winged”), any attacks made against them will automatically hit, and they may not make any attacks as they are too busy trying not to crash

An AC’s movement distance for each turn is its Speed plus the fixed number of its movement. It must move this full distance in inches.

Example- a thunderbolt (M/S: 8+2D6) rolls 2 dice, getting a 2 and a 5 and picks the 5. The thunderbolt has a speed of 5, and must move 13 inches.

An AC may make a 45 degree turn (left or right) for each Turn (T) on its profile. ACs are always assumed to be in forward motion, and the turn is 45 degrees relative to its forward direction (an AC may not make a 135 degree turn).
If an AC has more than one Turn, it cannot make make the second or subsequent turns till it has travelled 3” in a straight line. Turns may be made at the end or start of a movement. However, remember if an AC turns at the end of its movement it may not turn again until it has travelled 3” or more in the next turn.
An AC may turn in either direction, this is not affected by any previous turns

Example- using the thunderbolt from the previous example (speed 5 giving 13 inches of move, 2 turns), the thunderbolt moves 4 inches, turns 45 degrees left, moves 3 inches, makes another 45 degree turn and moves the remaining 6 inches.

Aerial Terrain
Most terrain features on the battlefield do not affect aerial combat. However if there are very tall features (eg. mountains, rock spires) or floating objects (eg barrage balloons, asteroids) they are considered impassable to ACs. Attacks may not be launched through them, and any ACs that move into them suffer a number of hits equal to their speed with an Armour Mod equal to their speed.

Moving- A ground unit may move a number of inches upto its M stat (or may elect to stay still, unlike ACs)

Turning- Ground units may turn to face in any direction freely. However, once turned they must face this direction for the rest of the turn. They may still move in any direction freely, the direction they face applies only to their attacks (see attacks)

Ground Terrain- Ground units are affected by terrain features such as rivers unless noted on their profile. They may however move under Floating features.


Attacks and Damage

AC Weapons

An AC may make attacks using any of its weapons as a target comes within that weapon’s range and arc of fire. There are three basic classes of weapons on flyers: Cannon (such as Autocannon, or heavy shuriken catapults), Missiles and Bombs
Cannon- Cannon fire in a line straight ahead of the AC (along its flight path in other words) and may be used an indefinite times in a turn. Cannons can be used to attack Aerial and Ground targets
Turrets- Larger ACs such as marauders may be armed with turrets- these are cannon with a larger arc of fire, which is noted on the profile.
Missiles- Missiles can be launched against targets in the AC’s forward 90 degree arc. Missiles can be used against Aerial and Ground Targets
Bombs- Bombs can be launched in any direction relative to the AC, they can only be used against ground targets. Most bombs have a blast marker. Any units under this marker are hit.

Ground Unit Weapons
Anti-Aircraft guns- A Ground unit with the capacity to shoot at ACs may do so as soon as one enters its range and arc of fire. When an AC moves into a Ground Unit’s Weapon range, the Ground unit may turn to bring the AC into it’s arc of fire. However it must remain facing that way for the rest of the turn. As such Ground Units are allowed to ignore ACs if they choose. AA guns may be fired multiple times a turn, but may only fire at each target once per turn.

Air to Air Attacks (dogfighting)

An AC may attack an enemy Aerial target using Cannons or missiles. If the attacking AC can beat it’s target’s speed on a D6, the target is hit. This attack is modified by an AC’s Fs. If the target is immobile then it is always hit on a 2+ (regardless of any negative Fs modifier)
Air to Ground Attacks (strafing and bombing)
An AC may attack Ground targets with Bombs, Missiles and Cannon. In this case the AC’s own speed is used. If the AC can equal or beat its own speed on a D6 it has hit the target. Bs modifies this attack
Ground to Air Attacks (Anti aircraft fire)
A ground unit making an attack on an AC will hit if it can beat the AC’s speed on a D6. this attack is modified by Fs

Hits and Damage
When a unit has been hit, roll to see if the hit has inflicted damage on it. Damage is inflicted by equalling or beating the target’s armour stat on a D6. Some attacks inflict multiple hits, in this case roll to inflict damage equal to the number of hits. So if a target with armour 4+ is hit 3 times, roll 3 D6. Each D6 that scores a 4, 5 or 6 inflicts a point of damage.
ACs and damage. When an AC is reduced to 0 points of damage, it is “winged” and suffers a -1 to all subsequent D6 rolls. Any subsequent hits will destroy the AC, and is then removed from play
Ground Units and damage. When a ground unit is reduced to 0 damage it is destroyed and removed from play.


Optional rules-


If an AC finishes its turn within 3 inches of the rear 90 degree arc of an enemy AC, travelling in the same forward 90 degree arc, it may tail it. When this happens, the tailing AC is moved at the same time as its target, along as far as possible the same flight path, regardless of speed. The tailing AC may launch missiles against the target, and make a cannon attack for every 4 inches the target moves in a straight line. Tailed ACs with rear-firing turrets may make an attack against the tailer for every 4” it moves in a straight line The only way for the target to break from being tailed is to outdistance or out-turn the tailing AC, or for the tailing AC to overshoot, or be shot down. If the tailing AC falls more than 4 inches behind or cannot make a turn it is no longer tailing. Neither AC may drop bombs while in the chase.

Scattering Bombs
When an AC misses while dropping a bomb, roll a d6 and a scatter die. The bomb lands here.

Crashing ACs
When an AC is destroyed, roll a d6 and a scatter die. The AC crashes here, any ground units under its base take a number of hits equal to the AC’s starting Damage stat, with a -1 armour modifier

When a bomb is dropped, a ground unit is destroyed, or an AC crashes place a smoke marker. Missiles may not be launched through smoke and any Cannon shots are at a -1 to hit. During the Reload phase roll a D6 for each smoke marker on the board. On a 4+ it is removed from play

Return to base
When an AC is damaged or out of Missiles and/or Bombs it may return to base. To do this it must exit the board via a friendly table edge. Any AC leaving the table via an unfriendly edge is removed from play as if destroyed, unless noted otherwise in the scenario. Once returned to base, an AC id restored to its original Stats. It takes one reload phase to repair or rearm an AC (so an AC that has run out of bombs will take 1 turn to rearm, whereas a damaged AC that has run out of bombs will take 2). Once repaired/ rearmed an AC can be redeployed in the following redeployment phase, moving on from any friendly table edge.

Any queries, suggestions, corrections to my phrasing, anything is welcome. And i'm still missing the scenarios section, more races & Units, and a possible experience system.

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 Post subject: Re: Bommerz WiP
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