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Road Rage Racers

 Post subject: Road Rage Racers
PostPosted: Tue Sep 21, 2010 7:37 pm 
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This is a scenario I am developing for my players. It uses a simplified version of the ash waste vehicle rules, and consists of each gang racing around a prepared track.

Road Rage Racers

Each Gang builds a vehicle or number of vehicles worth up to 100+5D6 points. The entire gang must be able to be carried by the vehicle(s). Drivers do not count toward capacity, unless the vehicle is single occupancy. All vehicles must be represented by a suitable model.

Turn Order: Each Gang rolls 1D6 and adds their higher Leadership. The highest roll decides to go first or last, with each successive Gang doing the same. (i.e. if 3 Gangs roll a total of 11, 18, and 14, the Gang that rolled 18 chooses to go first, the Gang that rolled 14 also chooses first, thus going second, and the gang that rolled 11 must go last).

Movement: Each vehicle moves up to 2D6 in a straight line. Each vehicle may turn/swivel once up to 90* before, during, or after this movement. If the vehicle is equipped with a supercharged engine or improved suspension, the driver may only use it if they first pass an Initiative test.

Shooting from Vehicles
Closed top vehicles must have firepoints to allow shooting. One ganger may man each firepoint. Only this ganger may fire from said firepoint, unless they change places with another during the movement phase (both gangers will count as moving that turn). Open topped vehicles allow all Gang members to attempt to fire.
Each gang member must make an Initiative test to be able to fire. Heavy Weapons must add +1 to their roll.
Each shot from a vehicle incurs the normal penalties, with the exception that vehicles always count as large targets (+1 to hit), all passengers count as being in full cover (-2 to hit), and are often rapidly moving targets (-1 to hit).
All other factors are as in the main rulebook.

Shooting at Vehicles
Roll to hit as normal (taking into account Large Targets, Rapidly Moving Targets, and all other factors as normal). If weapon hits, roll 1D6 and add the weapons strength to wound.
*Melta weapons roll 2D6 and add their strength if within short range*
If this roll is equal to or over the armor rating on that facing, roll on the following chart.
*Weapons that do multiple wounds roll once for each wound*
The following modifiers apply;
Save Modification of -4 or more--------------- +1
Wound roll equal to armor rating-------------- -2
Target is open topped---------------------------- +1

D6 roll Effect
1 Nothing
2 Targets Movement is halved during their next movement phase
3 Target adds +2 to all Initiative tests to fire weapons in their next turn
4 Target may not shoot any weapons, or turn/swivel during movement in their next turn
5 Target moves full speed in a random direction, and may not shoot any weapons their next turn
6 Target loses 1D6 movement die. If they lose all their movement die, they are out of the race.

Close Combat:
Vehicle vs. Vehicle
Vehicles do not fight each other in Close Combat in the traditional sense. Instead, they may ram each other if they have enough movement to come into contact with one another. This is worked out in the following manner:
Each vehicle’s driver makes an Initiative test. If both drivers succeed, they avoid contact and movement is carried out as normal, but the vehicles must remain 1” from each other. If one driver passes and the other does not, the driver that passed may choose to disengage or ram the other vehicle. If they disengage, they travel an additional 1D6 inches, and must remain 1” from the other vehicle. If one driver passes and the other does not, the driver that passed may choose to disengage or ram the other vehicle. If they disengage, they travel an additional 1D6 inches, and must remain 1” from the other vehicle. If they decide to ram, they do a hit with strength equal to (armor rating of facing of rammer-armor rating of facing of target+number of inches rammer moved to come into contact). If the strength is less than zero, treat it as zero. Each vehicle takes a hit equal to the above strength +D6 (with the roles of rammer target reversed for the initial target). If the attack does not equal of beat the armor facing, nothing happens, if it does, roll on the table above as if for shooting. (i.e. a Chimera(Front AR-12) attempts to ram a truck (Side AR-10), if the Chimera’s driver succeeds in their Intiative test, and the Truck’s driver does not, the Chimera will do a hit equal to 2 (the difference between armor ratings)+number of inches traveled+D6. The Chimera would then take a hit equal to 0 (the difference between armor ratings is -2, so counts as zero)+number of inches traveled+D6)

This is what I have written so far. Please let me know if you spot any exploits, or if their are any spelling errors, or unclear wordings.
I look forward to your feedback.

Van Saar Paint and Model
The Story So Far

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 Post subject:
PostPosted: Tue Sep 21, 2010 8:56 pm 
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Joined: Sat Jul 10, 2010 8:57 pm
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These are the rules I worked out for building the vehicles.

Building Vehicles
Movement Type: Each movement type has a maximum armor value, as well as maximum Super Charged Engine value and Improved Suspension value. The number in parentheses is the maximum for a single facing. These are detailed in the following chart:

Type Maximum Armor Max SCE Max IS Cost
Wheeled 48(14) 3 2 10
Tracked 52(14) 3 1 15
Skimmer 48(12) 4 2
Walker 50(13) 2 3

Armor Ratings: Each vehicle must purchase armor ratings from 10 to 14 for each facing (count the side twice). The cost is detailed on the following chart:

Rating Front Side (must be purchased twice) Rear
10 15 10 5
11 20 15 10
12 23 17 20
13 27 20 25
14 30 25 30

A vehicle may be given a closed top for +10 points.

Engines: All vehicles start with an engine which travels 2D6 inches. They may purcase Super Charged Engines for the following prices:

Vehicle Type +1D6 +2D6 +3D6 +4D6
Wheeled 15 20 25 NA
Tracked 15 25 30 NA
Skimmer 20 25 30 40
Walker 10 20 NA NA

Suspensions: All vehicles may turn/swivel up to 90*. They may purchase Improved Suspensions to add a further 90* turn/swivel per rating. The costs are detailed in the following chart:
Vehicle Type 1 2 3
Wheeled 15 30 NA
Tracked 20 NA NA
Skimmer 20 40 NA
Walker 15 25 40

Passengers: Each passenger costs 5 points to carry, with the exception of the driver, who is free (but may not fire weapons or do anything other than drive). Single occupancy vehicles cost an additional 10 points, but their drivers may attempt to fire.
Closed top vehicles must purchase fire points at +2 points per firepoint.

Weapons: Vehicles may purchase the following weapons:
Ram Bumper-adds +2 to the strength of a ram, for the equipped vehicle only. May only be placed on front or rear facings.
Wrecking Ball-Vehicle does D6 attacks when ramming.
Boarding Ramp-After a successful ram, the vehicle may send D6 gangers onto the enemy vehicle, who may then fight all occupants in Close Combat as normal.
All of these upgrades cost +15 points, and are not compatible with each other (other than purchasing front and rear Ram Bumpers).

Again, let me know if you spot any exploits, unclear wording, or typos.

Van Saar Paint and Model
The Story So Far

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