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2k Guard List

 Post subject: 2k Guard List
PostPosted: Mon Jan 23, 2012 4:34 am 

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Hello everybody, I'm new here and figured I'd get right to it. I'm putting together a 2k guard list to play with at my LHS. Most games should be friendly and not too competitive, so I'm not too worried about having a tourny capable list. I haven't played much for the last year or so and any C&C is welcome.
Here's what I'm thinking.


CCS 190pt.
Reg. Standard


Infantry Platoon 590pt.
4 Flamers

Infantry Squad
grenade launcher

Infantry Squad
Grenade Launcher

Infantry Squad
GL or Flamer

Infantry squad
GL or Flamer

2x Heavy Wep. Squads
3 Missile Launchers

Veterans 170pt.
3 Plasma Guns
Chimera /w H/Bolters

Veterans 170pt.
3 Plasma Guns
Chimera /w Multilaser & H/flamer

Veterans 155pt.
3 Melta Guns
Chimera w/ Multilaser & H/Flamer


Scout Sentinel Squad 120pt.
3 Scouts w/ Autocannons


LRBT 165pt.

LRBT 170pt.
H/Bolter Sponsons

Demolisher 165pt.

Comes out to 1895 leaving me 105pts. to play with.

Basic idea behind the list is to bubble up the platoon into 2 blobs holding any objectives on my edge and trying to pop transports and armor. With Creed backing them for improved staying power and orders. Either advance the PCS with the vets (need a Chim for um then) for some orders/small Ld bonus while holding/taking objectives. Or use the Flamers for counter assaults on my gun line.
Thought about breaking the sentinels up so i can deny enemy infiltration better and use them to get some early pop shots on transports.
Vets are pretty straight forward, Drive up and hop out on an objective/cover. LRBTs will work in close conjunction, with the H/Bolter toting one targeting squishys while the LC one tries to pop armor/MEQs
Demolisher will probably advance with vets for greater armor/MEQ deniability.

Thought about adding a Valkyrie or another CCS with a Chim if i trim some fat. Also a Manticore instead of one of the LRBTs and kitting out the demolisher came to mind.

I know the heavy weps. squads will be argued against, especially with Missile launchers, along with the Chimera with H/Bolter turret/hull.

Reasoning for the Missile launchers: hits a little harder than the AC for transport popping and you can shower frag missiles down after they do pop. making these guys a versatile unit to bog down advancing transports

The Chimera has no practical reason for the dual H/Bolters, Just looks awesome IMO

Looking forward to C&C
p.s. sorry for such a long post

EDIT: re-read the scouts rule. wont be able to set up ahead of my line so I may need to rethink these guys

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