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Mission Ideas?!?

 Post subject: Re: Mission Ideas?!?
PostPosted: Mon Aug 05, 2013 5:05 am 
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Joined: Fri May 13, 2011 1:26 pm
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Mission: D.I.G.G.E.T
Location: Tekk in Junktion
Level: 90

You approach the counter and notice that the door to Cantralls "operations-chamber" is no longer locked. That has to mean the operation is over! You rush to the chamber but just as you are about to enter, Cantrall steps out of the room. "Ay! What the hell you think you're doing?! This room is for the staff only!" Cantrall yells while slamming the door shut behind him.

-The operation... how did it go?

"You mean the one-armed guy, eh? Well he was as good as dead so I figured; Why waste such a fresh-corps... I mean rare opportunity to try some of my... less stable bionics on him"

-So he's dead?

"Weeeell... Yes and no, his body died allright, but apparently his brains didnt..."


"Yeah see I might have gotten a bit carried away with my experiments... I kinda stiched him with all the bionics I could get my hands on... See opportunities like these are really rare, so I figured: Hell might as well test everything at once..."

-I really dont like the sound of that. Is Digget DEAD or NOT?

"Uh.. Kinda... Im pretty sure the brain-matter wont live long, but all the bionics are self-sustained... so the thing that used to be that... Digget you say? may as well keep walking around for decades... centuries even!"

-Now aint that just great! Tell you what: Let me in that chamber and I'll finish Digget once and for all!

"No can do kid... I have certain safety measures in place just in case my patients... oh hell who am I kidding: Experiments, go rampage. So the second that thing started acting up I vented the whole operations-table into my emergency shaft. Yeah yeah yeah you're going to ask me if he could have survived the drop... and my answer would be: maybe. The shaft goes deep underground, I have no idea where exactly, but I've heard rumours about cyborgs and mutants appearing from the ol' sewers entrance from time to time... So that would be my best guess... The entrance should be somewhere south of Junktion."

-I'll be heading there then, I wont risk Digget walking away from me again!

(HEad to the Cyborg Alley --> There would be a Hidden(or not?) entrance/door and when you find it, you would get the text:)

You spot a door of some kind in the wall... It looks really high-tech and there seems to be a whole array of different kinds of scanners lining the doorframe. You try to use those to open the door, but only thing you get out of the scanners is the message: "Too High Flesh to Bionic Ratio Detected, Access Denied"... Perhaps you could salvage some of those bionics from these cyborgs around here, and use those to fool the scanners...

(So there the objective would be to collect X ammount of bionics/parts from the mobs around CA and return to the door -->)

You approach the door... You hold the sack full of bionics in front of the scanners. The scanners beep twice and the door opens followed by loud "Access Granted" notification.

You step through into a dark chamber, but before you get a proper look around, you notice two blue dots glowing in the room. Just as you are about to draw your weapon all of the lights in the chamber turn on, and you see the thing facing you in all its horrible glory. The thing is huge and armoured from head to toe with all kinds of bionics and metal plates. The two blue lights, clearly bionics of some sort, that serve as its eyes turn towards you and the construct takes a step backwards. The thing has a speaker of some sort installed in place of its mouth and it screams out a single word "YOU!".
Under all the static created by the speaker, you could swear the thing sounds scared. Then the moment passes and looks like it realizes what has happened to it... and who it is facing... The speaker blares out a loud wave of static, that is clearly supposed to be laughter. And then the thing that used to be Digget charges you.

(Boss fight -->)

The fight was furious but somehow you emerged triumphant. Pieces of the cyborg lie all around the chamber and in the middle of this sea of scrap is a small heap of flesh. You stand over the remains of Digget, and to your surprise he seems to be still alive! You hear Digget whispering faintly, and clearly in pain: "Killlll Meeee". You point your weapon at Digget. Just as you are about to finish him a thought enters your mind: Should you play this safe and put Digget out of his misery, or should you just leave him lying there dying slowly in agony?

(Make your choice: To kill or not to kill?)

TO KILL: You wont risk it. Digget has already escaped you twice, this time nothing will be left to chance! You crab what used to be Diggets bionic arm, and beat Diggets carcass with it over and over again, untill there is nothing left but a red pool of matter... Feeling somewhat satisfied you crab a bagfull of bionics from the lifeless frame of the construct and start walking towards the door. Perhaps Cantrall will be able to create something out of these parts... Afterall he failed to mention how big the construct was, so he really owns you a reward...

(Return to Cantrall)

When you enter the shop Cantrall is inspecting some crates behind the counter. You dumb the bag of bits and pieces on the table.

-Your "little experiment" has been taken care of...

"Really? And you brought some of my bionics back with you! Splendid!"

-Yeah, you only forgot to mention that the thing was like five meters tall!

"Nonsense, surely I mentioned something about it! Nevermind, I just got a brand new shipment of bionics so give me those parts you were able to recover and I'll give you one of these new ones, yes?"


(Reward: Some nice Bionic. You did club Digget to death with his own arm so perhaps something for melee? or the choice beetween melee-, ranged- or psi-bionic? whatever works -->)

NOT TO KILL: You decide that Digget doesnt deserve a quick death... You lower your weapon and start to walk away. Before you leave the chamber you decide to take part of the construct as a reward... After a quick inspection you decide to take the:

1: Arm-Mounted Laser-Cannon (Badass gun)
2: Parts of the constructs armour "Reinforced Cyber-Titanium Plating" (Melee bonus Chest-Armor)
3: The part connecting the brain to the machine "Enclosed Brainwave-Amplifier Helmet" (Helm for psionics)

You inspect your prize and, satisfied, slam the door shut behind you. Making the chamber where Digget was reborn, his tomb.

Sooooo I guess this line of missions has gone far enough, eh? :lol: Im not sure if its possible to create "options" for the mission rewards, but wouldnt it be nice to have something for everyone? :D

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 Post subject: Re: Mission Ideas?!?
PostPosted: Fri Feb 07, 2014 4:02 am 
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Joined: Fri May 13, 2011 1:26 pm
Posts: 109
Just some ideas again... There's never too many missions, right? :lol:
So I was thinking we have these pesky critters crawling around, like rats and spiders
but not really any proper extermination missions for those (?) so here's few ideas -->

Pest-Control (Vermin Watchmen) level-1
Jimmy "Vermin" Grills

Sup mate! Jimmys the name and Pest-Controls my game! I heard you've been slushing about
in those sewers around here... Ya must have noticed that those rats are crawling all over
tha place? Big as zog too! But yeah I was just wondering if you could bust some of those
for me while youre at it, huh? I'll pay you too! might want to buy yourself a new gun or
something after you get outta there... that stench wont wash off I tell ya!
You'll help? Great! Off ya go then... I'll just wait here where its nice and dry and smells
a lot less like rotting dopes!

--kill rats?

Back already?! Man ya really know how to handle dem critters! Heres your pay... Ya know...
I have a body-double in Hellport. Yeah we're not twins or clones or anything... the guy
just looks exactly like me! So I figured "man that makes the guy as trustworthy as
anything!" So we kinda run this business together... But yeah he might have a job for you
too! So if you happen to pass that way look him out. You'll know him when you see him...
his names Timmy by the way.

---Money reward, maybe some bullets?


Pest-Control (Damn Bugs) level-30
Timmy "PC" Fry

Who the...! Oh you must be that fellow Jimmy told me about. Cant believe that guy... claims
dibs for the easy jobs and then hires some freelancer to do all the dirty work! But hey! He
sent you to help me out too so guess I cant really complain... But yeah, You know whats
really bugging me? I got this job where Im supposed to do some "exterminating" around this
place called The Warrens. The guy who gave me the job told me that the place was infested
with bugs and spiders and whatnots... So yeah, getting rid of bugs is kind of my piece of
cake so "not a big deal" I thought. Yeah but when I get there I realize that the guy failed
to mention that those things are huge! Like Ferro-Beast huge! So I just grabbed my stuff
and bolted.

But yeah... I figured that now that you're here you could help me out too? I'll pay you of
course and Jimmy told me that you're a natural exterminator, so shouldnt be a big deal for
you, right? So why dont you give it a shot? I'll just wait here and fill the paperwork for

--kill Spiders

Oh boyo, Jimmy wasnt making that stuff up; You really are a natural talent! And yeah, dont
worry about not getting em all or any of that stuff, I told the contract-guy that the place
was already beyond saving. Made him pay me some kill-money though! Here's your cut.

--Money reward

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 Post subject: Re: Mission Ideas?!?
PostPosted: Fri Mar 28, 2014 3:09 am 
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Joined: Fri May 13, 2011 1:26 pm
Posts: 109
Heh... now this is nothing refined :D Just one lazy brainworm;

Mission: one does not simply walk into Blasted Mountains
Location: The scrap-bridge soon after the entrance
Level: dunno; something like 100+

In a nutshell; When you try to cross the bridge it collapses(/is blown up by the scummers) and you need to find all kinds of scrap to repair it. Junkyard might be ideal place to look for scrap? When you find the scrap and repair the bridge you can access the rest of Blasted mountains.

The End. :lol:

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