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PostPosted: Sat Apr 20, 2013 7:27 am 

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Hey, punk!
Yeah, you! C'mere a minute will ya.

A grim figure is waving you over to a nearby table. The helm of some mining robot rests atop a grimy face. A kevlar vest, spiked shoulder pads, knuckle dusters and a pair of flak boots complete the miss-match get-up. A rather fine looking boltgun is resting against the back of a battered-looking chair.

Aww, kid I aint gonna bite ya, I just want a word.

You shuffle cautiosly nearer, noting at this distance that while this weirdo is definately the dirtiest creature you have ever seen, splattered with muck and dried blood, all of the equipment is in flawless condition and an air of casual danger radiates from the stranger.

See, that ain't so bad right? I may not have bathed in a while but I aint that ugly. Whats yer name kid?
Second thoughts, scratch that, doesn't much matter and it's easier for me this way. You would be new in town, am I right? Of course I'm right, can spot em from across the dome... scavenger birds usually...

Ok, most definately a weirdo. But you've heard bad stories about this place, the areas beyond the walls of town are unknown to you beyond the surely exaggerated ramblings of your friends and some maps you have seen lying around. Perhaps there will be something in all this you can use afterall, this guy is still alive, he must be doing something right.

So anyway, me an some of the guys were just complainin bout how we spend all day trippin over the bodies of lost little punks and I was figurin the best way to solve the whole thing would be a little schoolin.
If you aint where you shouldnt be you wont get scragged so damn often, you get me?
So whadaya say?

Ummm...What?, you ask as you absently eye a nudie poster on the wall.

Im suggestin as how I can teach ya the basics of what you need to survive round here, take you around the dome, show you the sights and er...'introduce you' to some of the 'locals'. Maybe you even learn something that keep you alive.
Stranger things have happened! Though, not many, even down here...

Err...sure?, you manage.

The first thing you probably want, is for people to stop callin ya punk, eh? Well thats somethin you earn, you get more respect round here if you can handle your own, ya know?
Its one thing to talk it big, but round here people can tell the difference, and they might point it out by pounding you flat, so get good, right?
Just leaving town alone when you are this green will probably get you rolled by the first juves you meet, we gonna start you out the way I started, you aint scared of rats right?
But you cant be using that pathetic letter opener you holdin, you'd do better with yer fists! you'll get somethin sharper soon enough.
To the sewer then, hold yer nose, and watch your step.

Somehow this seems like a good idea, the beer was probably bad, this is what you tell yourself afterwards. You cant possibly have seen the things you saw after that sewer, you knew about the gangs, everyone knows about the gangs.
But as the hours progressed and you followed the figure endlessly across the dome flats the journey descended into a nightmarish sequence of horrific encounters.
A wasted town where the dead shambled in the streets accompanied by swarming clouds of vicious flies, a dark and mazed mine where every shadow concealed grim villans or mad robots.
And finally as your mind begins to suffer under the incessant thunder of the bolter beside you, you remember precious little but fleeting images of horrors of legend.
An image of the flash of the everpresent bolter throwing into stark relief upon a tunnel wall a horrific shape, a spider so large that the muzzle-flash was aimed distinctly upward.
Later a giant pit-fighting arena and that same bolter wreaking havoc amongst milling pit-slaves. Here at last the figure shows real tension, dragging you into the shadows whenever an armed techno passes.
This, in mortal terror bundled behind a riot shield, is the last you remember of your day in the wastes, awaking some hours later hanging limply from a chair in Rico's saloon.
Not the type of schooling you remember from your mother, but you seem to have learned something anyway...

Starting Out

The first place you want to hunt when new to the game is the sewer. Here you will find a variety of lvl 1 enemies to practice on. As a rule you should stick to melee in the early game
even if you plan long-term to be a shooter. bullets are expensive and you need to be able to hit and kill enemies that carry enough money to pay for the bullets used before using them as a primary hunting method.
Practice using the obstacles on the combat map and enemy pathing to kill your enemies off and reduce incoming damage, watch your health carefully.
To replenish health you can pop back to Rico for some food or look at buying biotic packs at the medic in Ash Flats.

After you have a few levels you will probably be bored of the sewer and want to explore a bit. Here comes a vital lesson.
You can always bottle out of a fight you dont like, the enemies will despawn and you can continue. The enemies you see are unique to you, dont worry about annoying people doing this. You can explore as much as you like, just be careful of who you let hit you.
There are some foes in the ash flats you can progress on but there are some to avoid. You will encounter your first ranged enemies, lots of them (block line of sight to bring them closer).

Around this point you should also notice that the number of enemies you fight when starting an encounter depends on the difference in your levels. You might start out vs 2 rats, but if you go back as a higher level you may meet as many as 8!
This means that you can continue to progress by hunting monsters that are of a somewhat lower level than you. To see a monsters level you need to kill one and look it up in Preferences -> Table of hunting.
Which method of hunting is best depends a lot on your gear, stats and level at any given moment. Test a few options if unsure and see what dies nice and fast yet still pays out in nickels and exp.

You will collect some gear from monsters as you hunt, in varying qualities. Some more gear is available from shops in the towns of Ash Flats and Hellport, the variety offered will scale as your level does.
In the beginning its important to get as much protection as possible to really cut down incoming damage, so cover up.

Start saving up your nickels and selling junk loot, sooner or later you will find something you really need in the shops or black market, theres a bank in town to help you avoid dropping so much cash on death.

Explore the two major towns for quest npcs, the quests are an excellent diversion from your usual hunting ground and offer some good exp and nickel rewards. There are certain items that can be obtained through quests that are really worth having!

Dont neglect too many stats and get super focused too early. All too soon you will be certainly coveting one stat above all others but toss a few here and there until you decide, a little pet or pisonic healing helps every character.


Items come in various qualities. There is a color scale which shows rarity, but the quality is showed by a suffix such as '- worn' or '- imperial'. Higher quality weapons will have better stats. The highest quality is flawless (which will be a green - uncommon rarity item), flawless items carry extra bonuses to stats and are highly desirable.

First up lets look at armor. This gives you protection which absorbs enemy attacks, your goal is to have enough so that your chosen enemy can only hit you for 1-2 (which they can always do).
This means that you do not want to sacrifice bonus stats from a flawless piece by upgrading to a non-flawless piece with better prot, unless you need more prot right now.

Weapons next. If you are using melee then its attack stat is what you want, side-bonuses like str are welcome too for raw damage so look at flawless items carefully to see what they can do.
If using a gun the attack stat is used for striking with the gun in melee so ignore it, you are looking for dexterity since that feeds straight into your damage.
Weapons will usually have a minimum of some stat required to use as well as having a minimum level to equip. Guns needing strength is a good example of this.

You can collect a wide variety of other items as you adventure. consumables like med kits (hp) or stimms (mp), along with food items and all kinds of random loot you have obtained. You can check these out in your pack to see if they have a special use yet.

Stat Builds

There are 4 basic types of combat damage, and therefore 4 overall categories of hunter. Despite this most players will be using all 4 to some degree.
I wont reproduce the actual equations here, they may be tweaked. There is a thread in this forum where you will find the up-to-date equations.
The stats:
Str - total HP, major part of melee damage, minor part of ranged damage
Dex - Hit chance, major part of ranged damage, minor part of melee damage
Int - total MP, major part of psionic power
Cha - controls maximum level of your pet, thereby pet damage

These basic stats are complicated by item requirements. Its not enough to be super dextrous if you cant hold up a gun and compensate for a badass recoil.
And we have some big, nasty guns. As a shooter you will need quite a lot of strength. Up to lvl 30 you want to be taking 1 str per level. This is not a problem, the strength does help boost your damage a bit, and its really important to be packing the biggest gun you can get your grubby little paws on.
Shooter struggles as a viable hunting method until at least lvl 8 or so. You have to reliably one-shot a monster carrying 50 nickels to break even. synthcultists or scavengers are the first candidates for this and they spawn just outside town. The easiest place to make the switch to shooter is at lvl 15 with the autogun which will make serious cash in the mines.

Being a melee character is much the same as shooter initially.
You need dex to actually get the hits to land as well as str to do enough damage to beat their armor.
Melee remains viable (my shooter does just fine) but is often physically slower, requiring more rounds of combat positioning and involving a higher miss-rate than shooting. (the large dex bonuses that provide guns with their damage makes them very accurate)

Wyrd (Psionics)
I havent played with psionics as a primary method of attack. Int is used to determine the power of psionics and mine is low enough that I hit only very easy mobs with my mental attacks. I'll allow another to comment on this as a playstyle.
I will note that nobody should neglect psionics. Small Heal for 1 mp is essential for everyone, vastly reducing consumption of items and increasing the length of your hunts. By stacking a bit of int you can make it heal for a bit more, im comfortable with 6 int for 10-14 hp heals. If you invest more heavily into this branch then from the psionics available in shops it appears this can become a high damage combat style with a lot of utility abilities on the side.

Beastmaster (Pets)
Again I'll invite another's comments here. Simple pets like a dog seem to do good damage to foes at or below their level. they will be able to hit for 1-2hp long after the level at which they should fail to beat armor.
For this reason everyone should have a pet, even if just to tap away and finish off the odd wounded guy. As you level him he's also useful to cut down a swarm of juves outside ash flats while you shoot the freelancers (if you arnt the kind that just bottles for speed)
If only one enemy is alive then his aggro is on you. if you tell your pet to attack while two live, one will hit your pet (always fatal for my underleveled mutt)

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 Post subject: Re: Guide
PostPosted: Sat Apr 20, 2013 7:30 am 

Joined: Fri Apr 12, 2013 7:36 pm
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gonna have some pictures for the story-ish bit, doesnt need too much.

i need a psi and a beastmaster pov for stats n stuff if someone would be so good.

any points welcome on any of it, just shout out

(needs some cleanup formatting, was written in notepad++ ;) i'll fix that in a bit, just wanted a draft up)

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