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NEW Psionics???

 Post subject: NEW Psionics???
PostPosted: Thu Jun 06, 2013 11:15 pm 
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I would like to get players feedback on the different kinds of Psionics we should put in the game.

This is the format

Name: title of the Psionic ability
Level: what level a player can use it at
MP Usage: how much mutant power does it consume
Description: what does the psionic ability do

All right guys, let's see what great ideas you come up with.


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 Post subject: Re: NEW Psionics???
PostPosted: Fri Jun 07, 2013 5:46 am 
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1. We certainly need more of those "basic-damage" psionics. For example:

Name: Psi-Blast
Level: 30+ (req: 45int)
MP usage: 20
Description: This would be like Mental Crushx2 so with a base damage of 100 (5 damage/MP-point)

Name: Mind Missile
Level: 50+ (req: 75int)
MP usage: 30
Description: base damage 150 (Etc...)

2. It would be nice to have some psionics with "blast-damage/effect" which would basically work just like normal Psi-missiles, but would also damage those mobs in contact with the target mob.

Name: Psi-Bomb
level: 10 (req: 16 int)
MP usage: 12
Description: This would basically work just like Mental Crush (with base damage of 50) but would also hit those mobs in contact with the target for 25 damage.

Name: Psi-Barrage (Mental Barrage?)
level: 32 (req: 50int)
MP usage: 24
Description: Base damage 100, and 50 damage against mobs in contact with the target.

3. Nova-powers? :D Psionics that would hit everything in a certain distance?

Name: Mental Push
Level: 1 (reg 8int)
MP usage: 3
Description: Hits everything within 1 square for 5 damage

Name: Psychic Nova
Level: 15 (req 20int)
MP usage: 30
Description: Hits everything within 2 squares for 50 damage.

Name: Mind-Agetton :chaos
Level: 100 (req 160int)
MP usage: 100
Description: Hits everything within 4 squares for 200 damage :weird

4. melee powers... bringing back the Mental Kicks and Psi-Punches---> cheaper, stronger, melee!

Name: Mental Kick
level: 1 (req 3int)
MP usage: 1
Description: 8 damage

Name: Psi-Punch
level: 10 (req 13int)
MP usage: 5
Description: 40 damage

And perhaps something for all those new Psi-weapons?

Name: Focus
Level: 3 (req 5 int)
MP usage: 3
Description: Boosts Attack 12 points for 2 turns

Name: Charge Weapon
Level: 25 (req 40 int)
MP usage: 30
Description: Boosts Attack for 100 points for 2 turns

I've noticed that the damage from Int-points is way bigger (compared to base damage) with low-damage psionics than with higher damage psionics, so my "damage estimates" could be a tad on the low side :wink:

Edit: And of course:

Name: Forced Transformation
Level: 30 (req. 45int)
MP usage: 20
Description: Turns your enemy into a frog, which keeps running around terrified for 4 turns.

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 Post subject: Re: NEW Psionics???
PostPosted: Fri Jun 07, 2013 10:37 am 
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Lance Corporal
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Well ... You are Wyrd here :P And You known better what Psionics needs :P
This powers looks very nice, and im sure they should work very good :)
I have only 3 ,spells, sugestions (For Wyrds with pets)

Small pet healing MinInt: 1 MinLv:0 MP:1 heal pet: (base:8)
Large pet Healing MinInt: 6 MinLv:3 MP:5 heal pet (base: 38)
Divine pet healing MinInt:13 MinLv:6 Mp:10 heal pet:(base: 75)

Thats just ,copys, of standard healing powers... but work on pets ;)


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